matkrenz's Avengers Academy #24 - Family review

If he was that great then why is he dead ?

This issue is a step up of the previous issue because it's focusing on the Reptil story more but White Tiger is taking away my enjoyment.

As I mentioned above Reptil's recent reveal of the mind of his future self in his younger self body in order to shape the future is something I am intrigued by and does offer some interesting possibilities but Gage doesn't deliver. So Reptil is helping this alien to feed off various students that wont be missed or aren't important to his big plan. I have 2 problems with this, one of wich is something I wrote in the review of the previous issue of the series is that Gage doesn't make this into a subplot and play up the horror aspect of this, have the students and faculty dread this mysterious force that seems to be kidnapping people randomly. And the second one being I have no idea what Reptil's plan seems to be, just take these guys and girls because they aren't important. And his victims were Striker, Julie Power, Savage She-Hulk, Butterball and Tigra and I have a question, why is Striker, Tigra and Julie there ? I would imagine the members of AA and the faculty would be important to this big plan seeing as how Brandon is alive in the future and all that. Now it is explained that they aren't really dying all that much but there would be way more questioning about where they are.

The other thing I want to talk about is Ava Ayala a.k.a the new White Tiger and how I find her boring and her obsession with her brother to be creepy. Now I realize what I will say is a hyperbole but it just seems that all she talks about is how awesome her brother is and how she can't live up to his legacy. And the problem with that is that I have no freaking clue who this original White Tiger is and some information about his exploits would have been nice. And looking at his CV page I will assume his appearences in Bendis's Daredevil run up until he dies is his most famous appearence, so yeah.

There is also a scene with Mettle and Hazmat squabbling about the fact that Hazmat thinks Mettle is interested in X-23 wich I find laughable because this is Laura were talking about here. Also Gage hasn't really done anything significant with her yet so again im withholding my comments. Also I have no real comments about the art, it works is all im going to say.

Verdict: This issue has some good ideas but Gage does not develop them at all and this new White Tiger is not a character I like. AT ALL.

Posted by shawn87

U should drop this and pick up something better lol

Posted by MatKrenz

@shawn87: Im staying on this title until issue #27-28 and any other where the Runaways will appear. Seeing as how they are my favorite team I will see and judge how Gage writes and then will decide to drop this book or not.

Posted by TDK_1997

This book was good since Fear Itself stepped in.After that it became a book for the trash.

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