matkrenz's Avengers Academy #22 - Disappointments review

Wait until she meets Karolina Dean.

Story: Cyke, Emma and Magneto arrive at the academy in order to let Magneto scan Jocasta or some such.

Thoughts: I believe there is one word that describes this series for me and that is "inconsistent". It is inconsistent for many reasons, while the issue continues the story it is dragged down by characters acting in very dumb fashions with very stilted dialogue and I am now hating on Hazmat again. First off Hazmat, so Jenny thinks that Julie is a lesbian because she says things like "GO TEAM GIRL!", her powers are colored like rainbows and doesn't have a boyfriend. Too me that says she is very girly (sorry if I am pissing off any Power Pack fans but I don't know much about her) and not a lesbian and I do not understand why I should like Hazmat. Also I am hating Hawkeye in this issue, he is acting like biggot against mutants in the issue. I mean I get that he might be confused about the fact that the X-Men apparently have all their former enemies on their team (pointed out by Peter David in his Utopia X one-shot) but here he is acting ridiculous, apprehensive sure but it's ridiculous. Also for this and the last issue we had another fight between heroes that feels completely, utterly and horribly contrived. I get that Finesse feels like defending her mentors honor and it's because of future Reptil in little body that pushed her into it but come on she is smarter than that, her dad may or may not be Taskmaster........... TASKMASTER. Now onto the things I did like about the issue, seeing as how we haven't gotten much Pietro in recent issue's it was nice we got to a lot of him here and I would have loved to see a bigger conversation but again the fight ruins that and the scene between Pietro and Finesse playing tennis was a good one. Also Gage has an annoying habit of using the stereotypes the characters are as insult between each other and that doesn't work very well.

Verdict: Well I really like Pietro so that does elevate the issue for me but Hazmat is being very annoying, Hawkeye overreacting and a very contrived hero on hero fight.

Posted by Cafeterialoca

Well, to be fair, Hawkeye was dead through House of M and all.

Posted by davew128

Hawkeye has been making mutie comments to the X-men as far back as Secret Wars....mostly aimed at them having a mutant mass murder terrorist in their midst (Magneto).

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