cafeterialoca's Avengers Academy #21 - Welcome, Students review

Enroll at the Academy!

Here is an EXCELLENT place for newcomers to get onboard the Avengers Academy franchise!

The school has been relocated to the West Coast and the student body has expanded! How will the current kids react? In fact, what's that Dark Cloud in the Horizon?!

The Good

Great introduction for newcomers and continuation for the first class students! You get to know the kids pretty well, see what the premise is about, and are eased into the new setting. There's a scuffle between the Academy kids and Four Well known Avengers, and ends with a double shocker ending! Fans who have been reading the series will have their minds blown by the last page!

Also, the art is vibrant and alive. And let's not mention Hazmat's little tease. Oh? Did I mention that the Sentinel, Almost all the Loners, Whiz Kid, Machine Teen, Rocket Racer, Lyra the Savage She-Hulk, and Spider-Girl are just some of the new characters? Did I also mention X-23 is joining in 2 issues?

The Bad

The Two Cast members were introduced rather quickly. It's not bad. But I'm sure they're about to be explored. Also, some fans may not like the reasoning for the scuffle mentioned earlier.


If you haven't been reading this book, START HERE! Avengers Academy is one of the overlooked gems from marvel that is starting to gain more popularity! There are twists and turns as this books is developing these kids fuller and fuller. Didn't like the early issues of this series? Give this issue a chance! Christos Gage is a wonderful writer who deeply cares about what the fans have to say!

Get on board the Academy train! It's the perfect time to do it!


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