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Review for Avengers Academy #20.

The Story: After all the attacks from mediocre villains of Fear Itself Veil decides she had enough of the superhero buisness she wants out of the academy.

The Good: As much as I never cared for Veil all that much I will admit that Gage did a good job at deconstructing an aspect of young heroes trying to become actual heroes, it shows us that not everybody is cut out to fight supervillains every other day and deal with the mind screwing that might bring to you and the fact that she will be a ghost in her mid twenties. She is still a young girl who has her whole life in front of her, she doesn't want to fight supervillains for the rest of it or until she dies, she wants to help people in a way that wont make her target in a large sense and where she will be in a safe enviroment seeing as she comes from a very bad home life. She has walked in the shoes of superheroes for a little while and saw all the cracks in that world and wants out. Also of all the advice everybody gave to Maddy was from Brendan, he was just being a good friend to her and not trying to convince her of anything and just says he will be there for her. We also get a lot of closure for Speedball who seemed to have gone through a bunch of character development in Fear Itself: Home Front and his conversation with Justice about traveling across America superheroeing in small towns would be a fun mini-series I would read. The notion of going ack to the West Coast base seems like a cool idea just because in March we are going to get the Runaways.

The Bad: Honestly I don't see why this issue should have a Fear Itself banner, it's more aftermath than anything. Don't really care for Hank and Tigra's romance.

The Verdict: This is a my second favorite issue of the series, it had closure for Veil but leaves it open for future story's, and it also has a big sense of revamping for the team. This is a buy.

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