lilsilverphoenix's Avengers Academy #1 - Permanent Record, Part 1 review

Not Young Avengers but has potential

With the start of the Heroic Age, it seems that Marvel has realized that it has been lacking in the young superhero teams. While “Young Allies” pulled from their stable of existing characters, “Avengers Academy” took a different approach by introducing five new super-powered kids.

Penned by Christos Gage (Avengers: The Initiative), the first issue of “Avengers Academy” is told from the viewpoint of Maddy “Veil” Berry, a girl who can turn into a gaseous state. Her internal monologue gives a sense of Maddy’s state of mind and her youthful inexperience. Though her origin story is extremely cliché, Gage is able to set up an intriguing story with a few memorable characters. But “Avengers Academy” is not all about the new character.

Like “Avengers: The Initiative” the faculty is just as important as the students. In this case the instructors are Tigera, Justice, Quicksilver, Dr. Hank Pym, and Penance who now wants to be called Speedball again. Each of these former Avengers has had a less than stellar past, but have tried to learn from their mistakes.

What makes the new Avenger cadets memorable is the art by Mike McKone who is no stranger to teen superhero books, having worked on Teen Titans. Each of the kids looked distinct without looking like overly wrought character designs. One thing though. Mettle, the large red kid, looks very much like a “hulked out” Red Skull. Unless it is going to somehow be revealed as having a connection the villain, his look just seems like a cheap knockoff and a stunt to get more readers. 
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    To me there were 2 reasons i started reading this comic in the first place.1)I just dropped Felicia D. Henderson's Teen Titans because i coundn't take anymore of that terrible comic and i needed another teen book and it was before i got my first volume of the Runuways.2) i needed to read more Marvel books so any new series from the Heroic Age was a good place to start.    The Story :In the first issue we meet all of our students and their abilites.Veil who can transform in different gasses,Hazma...

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