mtharman's Avengers Academy #1 - Permanent Record, Part 1 review

The Police- oops, I mean the Avengers Academy review

  • Another Avengers Comic, with alot of promising hype. I knew I was going to end up getting mad at this comic when they mentioned an introduction of a character that displayed autism or spectrum disorder, I knew they were going to get their resources all jacked up and only from a movie, two movies infact. 
  • One complaint was having heavy powered individuals on the team that limits them using their powers during the training excersise, but its amazing that its a complaint because the end of this comic actually explains "why" they wanted heavy powered individuals
    The Good: 
    - Mettle was awesome, even though I didn't like his character design at first, I didn't know how he was going to fit into this issue. But amazingly, his character really fit well with how he looks, he knows that he looks stupid and ugly and deals with it, and I really like that.
  • - I liked Veil, her narration was supportive and had me interested knowing the rest of the story.
  • - Robbies back, im tired of seeing Robby being a scapegoat and a crybaby Penance, im glad he came back into the comics.
  • - Story was very productive and interesting, but not as exciting as Marvel promised it to be.
  • The Bad: 
  • - Some, some narration lines were not needed, the lines you see when Veil meets Reptile (and yes, I know his name is spelled Reptil) and Mettle.

    - Facial reactions in some parts were horrible, Veils response from learning that she's dying and Robbies dumbfound look when Hank Pym is talking.


    The Ugly: 

    - Finesse, yeah, she really had me wanting to throw this comic in the garbage can, good god I couldn't stand her. 
    - Lightening lad, yeah I know his name is Striker, but he doesn't deserve that a cool name like that, another annoying little s**t that I couldn't stand 
    - Hazmat, bad character, doesn't know how to cuss right, horrible powers, and bent. I have or or could not find any reason to like this character. 
    If you dislike this comic or gave it a three star rating like I did, then by all means, watch and enjoy. But if you "LOVED" this comic, admired it, sensitive too bad language, then I ADVISE you not too watch.       


  Three stars, THREE, and not anymore, thanks to three "special" stuck up characters, bad cursing grammer, poor facial reactions, and a non exciting ending that was promised by Marvel. 
You may like it if your a HUGE Avengers fan, are trying to collect every comic within the Heroic Age, Like I am. 
But if you want ART, a story to blow your socks off, awesome characters, the word badass to be easily mentioned when talking about this comic,..................then I advise to avoid this comic.


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