caladbolglight's Avengers A.I. #7 - Initiate: Chapter 7 review

If I may have the pleasure of this dance?

So Avengers A.I.... post-Infinity...what will happen now that we have a sudden surge of both A.I. and Inhumans?


I have always like this book, almost every issue has been a solid 4 of 5 stars. Nothing is particularly excellent, but it's really solid. This issue is no exception. Hank Pym once again proves himself to be one of the more interesting heroes in the Marvel U, probably because he's at least a little crazy. Humphries also continues his pattern of making seemingly mundane and often boring superpowers be really awesome. Hank's power to control ants no longer seems like a joke, but an incredible useful gift.

This is not a serious series by any definition, and is more of an homage to the golden days of comics, where the good guys always win, they laugh, shake hands and go on their merry way. Many might complain that this is a little juvenile, but in this comic, it works. The artist really showcases this through cartoonish imagery, which I normally hate, but this really suits the book. Araùjo is also excellent at drawing robots.

Doombot continues to be one of the greatest characters ever introduced by making someone laugh with almost every line. He takes every extreme of Doctor Doom and multiplies it to the nth degree. It's fantastic.


I recognize that many stories will cameo more famous characters for the sake of a more intriguing synopsis, but it bothers me a little that a lot of the time, these characters are included just for the sake of being included.

Vision's new power set is very interesting, and extremely creative, but it would be kind of nice if someone could please define it, at least a little. At this point he seems to be able to do anything.


Really didn't see the understand why the final page deserved to be "final page material." I'm familiar with the character, but was this supposed to be a big deal.


to be another solidly good issue of Avengers A.I.. Every issue has been really decent, and I do hope that this book continues to be published. Also, as a one-shot, it's a decent spot to jump on to this series.


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