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Getting Caught Up

I've been finding it hard to stay with all the new titles that have been coming out. I just had a spare moment to get caught up on the last few weeks' pulls. After Age of Ultron finished, which i wasn't the biggest fan of (not that it was bad I thought that the weaving of the Avengers 12.1 issue from like the 4th series was a nice touch to show that Marvel doesn't just forget about old stories or arcs and integrates them into current events - also sorry for digressing there) I was anxious to see how the characters I follow were affected (Wolverine, Venom, Doom, FF etc.).

AoU featured An Ant-man villain so naturally it was a Pym story, and so the aftermath should be directly following him, as it is in this story, which to marvel's credit is very coherent.

I wasn't sure after reading the first few pages how I felt about this story, I mean, I really dislike when a story assumes a character's persona (like Maria Hill) and just makes a generic character that has the exact same demeanor - it just seems like a cop-out. But after you get into the thick of the story it starts to develop in an interesting way. As I stated, I'm a Doom fan, so naturally the cover as well as the concluding pages of AoU had me intrigued to some degree. I really like the dialogue between the A.I.'s and how the Doombot isn't actually re-programmed, it's just being persuaded to help out. On a similar vein I love Humphre's portrayal of the Doombot, very true to his actual character (plus marks there).

Overall the story is more talking and less action but I have a feeling that this series will pick up in the next issue. And also for the feint of heart, I don't think this series will be very long, AvX didn't have THAT long of an aftermath story (2 maybe 3 limited series) so this will probably not be a new flagship for marvel to pour all there assets into it. I wanted to put 3.5 but they took out the .5 system so this should balance with the other review score.


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