theacidskull's Avengers A.I. #1 - Initiate: Chapter 1 review

I actually Got Angry Reading This.

i've been a huge fan of the runaways, and while my favorite members are stuck at murder world, i was hoping at least i'd enjoyed reading about one of them, also i wouldn't mind seeing Hank Pym in action, so i just went with it.

The plot is rather interesting, but it again feels like something thats been done too many times. Due to hank Pym not having enough time he had to think quickly and come up with a quick solution, but this has taken a negative turn, and now his creation has to be stopped. i Understand pym was limited in time but i thought he'd at least look into the problem before someone directly told him about. also this is another cliche about a scientist creation Gone Bad, and well trite stories sometimes could work , but it's not that well executed.

The characterization is brutal, my god it's terrible, i was hoping for something AT least decent, but seriously, what the hell is this? not even remotely impressed.

  • Hank Pym- I like hank, he can be smart, fun, and interesting, he can be funny as well. He has somewhat of an interesting personality, he knows he is a Genius, but he is in no way an incompetent idiot. If i was reading about hank pym for the first time i'd have a horrible impression on the character, i don't remember where hanks personality included something like "shut The hell Up b*tch, I'm a Genius", sure he had a competitive personality as seen in his relationship with reed Richards, but this is too far.
  • Victor- Victor is quite, fun and somewhat cheerful, sure he can be fun, be he was never all over the place, he could have cracked jokes, but here, he's the childish teenager LOLZ, the comic relief, which in case you didn't know, is completely against who victor is . This doesn't say that he isn't fun or similar to a teenager, but when he comes up with names such as WOLF SWAG a reader should burn the comic book, it;s just so forced that it isn't even funny. also you'd think that he'd be concerned about his friends while they are missing, but no, who cares right? At least in avengers arena the characters feel a bit Like themselves.
  • Doombot- he felt like doom. i have nothing else to say.
  • Vision- Vision was basically himself, along with some upgrades he received. he was cool for one thing wasn't all over the place. I liked the vision, he was the only thing that was likable here. He was a robot with a mixture of humanity.

As for the art, the action is amazing, it really expresses the TECHNOLOGY present here nicely, which isn't surprising considering the series focuses on robots and the tech in general. Therefore, the art really screams AVENGERS A.I, it's a nice touch by andre araujo, and it's another reason why this got a 1/5 stars. Though during few panels the faces are just seriously hilarious, and not in the good way, which is ironic since there is a lot of crammed humor here thats basically telling you " He's cool, and this guy is cool too! so you know, Buy this series!". Either way, this was a HUGE disappointment.

Recommendation: Nope.

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