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Otto's out of his depth in this issue.

I have been enjoying this series it definitely is not the best of Marvel Now! But it is by no means the worst and I think it will get better as Hickman just needed to establish the concepts for this book and what direction he is going in and since this is a new story arc I’m sure it will bring that and get the book back on its feet.


In space a space station is being destroyed by an unknown entity and threatens to destroy the universe but one of the stations in universe 616 triggers a white event.

Back in avengers tower the white event reaches earth and Nightmask tells Tony Stark what it is and why he is here.


I immensely enjoyed this issue it is the best in the series since issue #1 and I think Hickman is now heading in the right direction with it this is not a perfect issue and not worthy of a 5 but it’s worth it just to see the series improve like this. This is not character centric there are character based moments in this issue but this is primarily an issue that focuses on big concepts and big creative universe spanning stories (literally) and while people may not like the Sci-fi element I love it and while at first I didn’t get into it with this I’m enjoying it and I’m glad Hickman seems to have got a firm grasp of all the concepts he’s using.

This issue really does throw you straight into it with some interesting concepts and an interesting scene. Now you may not properly understand this but I’ve come to accept that Hickman doesn’t answer all your questions straight away but normally explains it in the next few that is some answers but some concepts are brought back later and I expect this series to be no different as parts from the previous arc are brought into this (the Adam from the last arc is very important to this issue). Basically there are a number of Space stations that protect the universe and hold it together but it collapses and there is an entity that is destroying all of the supeaflows in Dream space and well they are what causes the white event and this really was a great way to start the issue as it brought mystery to the story while also bringing in some big concepts to this issue it got me really excited for more.

There are some interesting developments back on earth with Captain Universe and Nightmask (Ex Nihilo’s Adam) you find out about Nightmask’s job and what connection he has to the White event it makes the story more interesting as it adds an interesting edge to what Nightmask could bring to the book. It also hints at other of these people tied to the white event and while you don’t find out who they all are the one they do find is interesting but more on him later. This issue has strong dialogue throughout but probably my favourite bit is with Spider-man or as now obviously confirmed Superior Spider-man but in this he is out of his depth and it is hilarious how he tries to figure it all out but doesn’t understand a thing even though he is Doctor Octopus one of the world’s greatest minds (said sarcastically) but seriously it was one of the best bits of the issue.

There are several scenes in this issue that may seem pointless at first not really adding anything to this story but trust me they do they have severe importance to this issue and how it ends. It takes place in a college and examines several people who are all fairly happy and living good lives and they only appear for a few pages but there is a constant through all of these stories one person but I won’t spoil who it is but the twist at the end of this issue is clever really clever one of the best cliff-hangers in ages clever, shocking and intriguing it works so well and well it can only end badly next issue but we’ll see and it definitely got me intrigued.

The only problem with this issue is that it’s a little slow things don’t properly progress until towards the end but when it’s this well written I don’t mind so much and boy is this well done and executed but it’s slow yet most first issues of story arcs don’t get off to a quick pace.

While the writing is great and a definite improvement on most of the series but the art is simply incredible. I’m unfamiliar with Dustin Weaver’s work but I really, really like it is has is incredibly detailed and dynamic I hope Weaver stays on the series for a while as he really fits the book very well. What amazes me the most is how Weaver can go from the depths of space to New York so well without making anything of the scenes similar at all he does it so well and does it so that it fits nicely together in the same issue. Weaver is great but seriously kudos to Justin Ponsor his colours are very vibrant and bright but work well in this issue even in the shadowy scenes and I love how he handles lighting and reflections in this issue it really is incredible.


This was a great read and the best in the series since #1 and I hope this arc doesn’t follow the problems of the last with a great opener but weak middle section but I doubt it Hickman understands this book now and what he wants to do with it and the concepts he brings into this have masses of potential for a great story and that ending is a whopper and got me extremely excited for the next and with Weaver’s fantastic art this is shaping up to be a very strong arc.

4.5 stars

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