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Oh Look..They Went Back To The Well...Again...

Normally I would just complain about how out of place I feel John Romita Jr's art is on this book.  I just don't like him on the Avengers at all.  I find myself though this time finding that Bendis is dipping into the way back machine and basically giving the readers a new Infinity Gauntlet story.  I know he is just building on something that was started back in New Avengers Illuminati but still I am just not sure I can get on board with this.  I am not saying that overall that he does a bad job with the opening of this new story arc, I am just not sure that you need to amp it up to the Infinity Gauntley already.  I only hope that this does not become the next big cross over event. 
Yes it is awesome to see Rulk get his red arse handed to him (and just what is that yellow crud leaking from him)  and honestly when is Wonder Man going to get the stick out of his backside?

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