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Will Red Hulk Join the Avengers? 0

I don't care what people say, I liked reading about Red Hulk. Now that he's basically come to terms with who he has become, it could be very interesting to see him interacting on a team...if he survives.  The Good With the beginning of a new arc, we almost get a little breather after all the craziness of the Kang-Ultron Future war. We get to see mention of the disappearance of Attilan on Earth as well as a confrontation with Wonder Man and why he's so against the formation of the Avengers. It al...

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Just When You Think It's Getting Better... 0

The Hood begins his quest for the Infinity Gems and the Red Hulk comes to the Avengers in what is simply not a good issue. This story comes out of the gate stumbling all over itself. It tries to work but is undercut by how unbelievable two of the primary plot points are.  To start with, it is just not believable at all that the Hood is gathering the Infinity Gems. I love the character, but he's the Hood. This is far beyond him. We are given no adequate explanation for how he got the resources an...

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Avengers #7 Review 0

     Red Hulk arrives in the Avengers, but is he friend or foe? For the hype coming into this issue, not much was delivered really. Marvel even ended up having a whole "Avengers Day" dedicated to the release of this comic and it wasn't that great. I think this issue suffered from "Spider-Man 3 Syndrome". I say that beacause this issue had way too many things going on at once and it did not mix well. I mean we had stuff on The Hood, Wonder Man (who's issues I still don't understand), and Red H...

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I Really Don't Want to Say This But.... 0

Okay, let me begin by saying that I hate giving a comic a bad review, first off because I want to see all comics succeed, but also because anytime that you go on forums or anywhere else online to find a comic review all you find is just angry geeks shouting "This is the worst thing ever, this is an abomination, I call BS on all this," when in reality it's just fairly decent and just sort of alright. And because of this I try never to complain about a book, especially online, but this is the book...

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Red Hulk smashed? 0

Avengers #7I'm not going to lie, I have been very excited for this issue to come because the adds for this issue said Red Hulk was joining the team. Well that didn't really happen in this issue, in fact not a lot really happened in this issue. Bendis throws us into the next story arc that we don't know too much about. If you were wondering what happened to Wonder Man and want to see him then your in luck although he's not in it for too long. Anyway the Avengers are about to face off against Infi...

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Oh Look..They Went Back To The Well...Again... 0

Normally I would just complain about how out of place I feel John Romita Jr's art is on this book.  I just don't like him on the Avengers at all.  I find myself though this time finding that Bendis is dipping into the way back machine and basically giving the readers a new Infinity Gauntlet story.  I know he is just building on something that was started back in New Avengers Illuminati but still I am just not sure I can get on board with this.  I am not saying that overall that he does a bad job...

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Avengers 7 0

While it has taken me a few issues to get into this new team , i am starting to like the mix of characters , the art and the general feel of the book.  If i were to pick one fault , then it would be that i would like to see the team have a chance to get to know one another before the next villian shows up.  THE GOOD. Bendis and Romita what more do you have to say!  THE BAD.  wHO the hell is the Red Hulk. As i find the Hulk a bit of a bore i never follow his story so it did take me a bit of time ...

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Reality and Power 0

This Avengers book is far away from being great like those of the nineties (Kurt Busiek + George Perez and other artists) and early 2000s (Brian Michael Bendis´New Avengers), but a light of hope started to shine in this issue, after the whole future arc fiasco. But it´s only because of the new concept introduced in this issue, being the Parker Robbins´quest for the Infinity gems, which were hiden by the Illuminati. The only good thing about this book is seeing Robbins using the Reality gem to sh...

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RULK REVIEW : Avengers Issue # 7 0

''In... finity'' That is the Rulk's final word in AVENGERS issue #7, after crashing a superhero party literally when he smashes through an Avengers Tower window, landing at the feet of the Earth's mightiest.   Referring to the all-powerful infinity gems, the Red Hulk had just gotten his ass handed to him by a man who now possessed two of them, just a few minutes before his rough entrance. This appearance of the Red Hulk caps off the beginning of an interesting, new story arc of this fledging you...

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