kfhrfdu_89_76k's Avengers #63 - Standoff: Part 3 review

Best part of the trilogy (Or a three part story. Pick either one.

Bit of the plot.

The iss starts with the recap of Caps first "death" & "resurrection" (which is that classic, and the best one). Then we follow Thor an Iron man duking it out for a while. Then Cap speaks sense in to them both. Then new problems ensue. Then things are wrapped up.

How I, "mighty" Khfrfdu_89_76k, personally feel about this precise story.

The most dramatic chance is the writing style. It`s by geoff Johns, when he was still really good (He`ll probably get better at some point. Well, I hope.), and a beginning writer. Writers produce cool, modest and at the same time cool stuff, when they`re beginners. Artists, too. But enough about that. Johns brings many things to this issue, that catched my eye. In a positive way.

1. It`s written in a fluent fashion.

2. It doesn`t sound dated (sounding dated is something, that I hope that it wouldn`t be a bad thing, but kinda is).

3. Thought boxes! Granted, they`re actually pretty needless in this one, but I liked having them around `cause...I have no idea why.

4. While still sounding clichéic, he makes Doom sound pretty cool.

5. The scene that has Cap and the soldiers. Has something like this been done before? If so, was it with Cap? I have no idea. Still, a cool scene.

6. Doom does a realistic (which makes it cool) thing off-panel. He attaches Slokovia to Latveria. I mean, he`s a dictator of a small country. Why wouldn`t he?

7.The ending is nice.

Art has stayed consistent, `cause Alan Davis is pretty awesome.

The fight is cut awfully short. I don`t mind that much, though. It`s just feels very meager. Should it? I don`t think it should. But, it`s best for the story. So it doesn`t matter that much.

Then again, I really feel that the fight should`ve needed more space. But, on the other hand, I wouldn`t care less. But there`s those who would.

The inker is different in this chapter of Standoff. I like his style better than the two previous inkers.

The dictator of Slokovia still isn`t seen! Woooohooo! Awesome! Especially `cause he will never be seen! I mean, an inaccurate picture of him, was seen in a newspaper in the Iron man issue, but that`s it!

My opinion of the whole arc.

It`s needless. This whole shebang was made, so that the storyline that Thor was in the middle of, could move forward. No, it`s not a bad thing. The bad thing is, that the storyline wasn`t exactly that good. Also, it was undid by Thor himself. By manipulating time.

So, to repeat, needless, but an okay story.

Oh, by the way, the three covers forming a single image, while still being kinda stand alone covers...That`s cool.

Should you read the ish?

Did you read the previous two parts? If so, yes.


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