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Captain America asks the assembled heroes why they have gathered. Black Panther tells him that they were all Avengers once; when the alarm sounded, they answered it. Nick Fury informs the heroes that they're contaminating a crime scene, and tries to get them to move to the park next door. Ms. Marvel asks Cap if it's true that Scott Lang is dead. He solemnly confirms her question, and then comforts her. The meeting is interrupted by Nick Fury cursing. Dum Dum Dugan opens his communicator to reveal that the UN is disavowing their relationship with the Avengers. Hawkeye is angry, but Captain America is more pragmatic. Fury again tries to get the heroes to disperse... until he notices a Kree warcraft in the sky.

Fury radios his helicarrier for intel, but they tell him that their instruments aren't picking up anything. Meanwhile, the sky is filling with Kree ships that begin firing upon the crowd. Fury tells his men to look out their windows, and they finally see what's going on.

Meanwhile, the heroes are on the defensive. Hercules manages to rip a Kree out of his ship, but the alien blasts him and runs off. Spider-Man trips him with his webs, and the Kree runs right into Captain America's shield. Cap asks the alien why they're attacking now of all times. The alien warrior rambles on about how the Supreme Intelligence foretold this day and how the Avengers would pay for their betrayal. Captain America asks how they were betrayed, but before he gets an answer a whole Kree militia beams down and starts blasting. Nick Fury screams that things aren't right: the Kree have the technology to level New York from space; they're no reason for a ground assault. Hawkeye, who had gone to get more arrows, makes his last stand. He rushes forward and manages to take out several of the alien soldiers, but then his quiver is blasted and his arrows set on fire. Out of weapons, and with no other options, Hawkeye grabs a nearby Kree and activates his jetpack. He and the alien fly into the giant Kree warship, causing it to explode.

Captain America and the Avengers are aghast at Hawkeye's sacrifice, but only for a second. With a cry of "Avengers Assemble", he leads his superhero army against the alien invaders... who promptly beam back into their ships and fly away. As the assembled heroes try to make sense of what just happened, Doctor Strange appears as an astral projection. He apologizes for not getting there sooner, and tells them that "the magicks are being abused". Cap seems puzzled, but then a sad recognition passes across his face.

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