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Avengers #5

This issue of Avengers focuses on the new Smasher, a woman by the name of Izzy Dare. To be completely honest this series is my first time hearing of the Smasher mantle and even though she was in previous issues, I did not particularly care about this character probably because I did not have an understanding of who this character was. This issue completely changed this. Smasher has already proved herself to be a valuable new addition to the Avengers and now a member of the Imperial Guard.

The Writing 4.5/5:

I am a huge fan of Hickman's writing, from Fantastic Four to Manhattan Projects, and I have been loving this series. With this issue and the last, Hickman has been giving readers the background stories of the new characters on his team of Avengers and explaining their reasoning for being on the team. After last issue focusing on Hyperion, this issue focuses on the new Smasher. This is a mantle that has passed around a few times and has now been taken up by Izzy Dare. The story of how she becomes this character is both interesting and cool. The way Hickman writes this character is great, making me want to see more and more of Smasher. She interacts well with the rest of the team and I think it will be interesting to see what Hickman decides to do with this character in the future. My only problem with this issue it that it jumps around A LOT. To really get a good grasp of what is happening you have to really be paying attention. Also the story feels a little bit rushed. I think that this might be due to the jumping around.

The Art 4.5/5:

Adam Kubert has done a wonderful job with this book. After the arc drawn by Opena, he had some pretty big shoes to fill. Where Kubert really excels here is in his sci-fi scenes. He makes the world of Chandilar look both beautiful and huge. On top of that Kubert can draw a mean fight scene. The attacking army looks amazing and the avengers during the fight look spectacular. In addition the facial expression he draws look great and convey the emotion and tone really well. My only problem with the art in this book looks a little more cartoony in some cases. The art in the part with Tony in particular. The art in this part is by no means bad but it just doesn't look the same as the rest of the book. It might just be me though. Overall though the art is great.

The Cover 5/5:

The cover art is great. It does a great job of displaying what this issue is about and it displays where the Smasher has come from, the fields of Iowa, and where she has come to, the ranks of the Imperial Guard.

Overall this is a great issue of Avengers. I really like the way Hickman is introducing the newest members of the Avengers. Before this issue I never really knew or cared about Smasher but Hickman has made a fan out of me! This series has been great and from the looks of it will continue to be great. I completely recommend this book and if you aren't reading then you, my friend, are missing out.

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