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Center of the Universe 0

Once again, Jerome Opena knocks it out of the park with utterly gorgeous artwork. Not just in the pencils, the color has an amazingly rich detail; really everything about the artwork is just incredible.I'm really glad this arc left a lot of potential open, because I would've been really disappointed if this epic beginning came to an end so quickly. This issue does FEEL really long, there's a lot that happens, but the big battle on Mars concludes as quickly as it began. All-in-all the battle itse...

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The Universe has spoken 0

The first thing I have to say is that Opena is the guy for this series.He has an awesome style and his take on the Avengers and the new characters that appeared in this first arc was amazing.He makes them look as the way they should look like and doesn't have a single bad panel at all.The big,awesome,stoty-telling part of the issue was the big battle between the new Avengers and Ex Nihilo,his sister Abyss and Aleph.The battle takes almost the whole issue and it is worth it.It is not one of those...

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First Story Arc is OVER 0

Here is my video review for Avengers issue 3. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below:...

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Keep pressing 0

The good: This is the conclusion to the first story arc, so it's an issue dealing with the clash of the Avengers (the New Avengers if I may) and the people of the Garden. It's an amazing action filled issue where you get to see everyone at least once use their unique abilities to fight the threat. Captain America is rightfully put in charge of the strike where he leads these lesser known characters to try to save planet earth and the other teammates.  To complement this great issue, Opena's art ...

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Video Review: Avengers #3 0

Pretty quick end to the first story arc, I would have liked to see it go a little bit longer and be a little bit more exciting. I also didn't know some of the players so that left me confused....

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Avengers World! 0

My mind was blown away by Jerome Opeña's pencils in this issue; every single one of his panels is so carefully done... his art is just beautiful. I dont know that I like this Captain Universe person; seems too powerful and a little crazy. Too much like Sentry, and we all know how that ended.Please check my mini-review here: and feedback are always welcome!...

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Thor's Thunder Brings All the Emo Girls To The Yard 0

The Overview:Here it is people, the end of the first arc of Hickman's take on the Avengers. That's right, three issues in and *poof* it has come and gone. For those who have yet to read this and have instead only read the first two issues in the series, you might be thinking, "Wait, it can't be done yet. We just started the mission." Yes well, I guess some problems are easier to solve than you think...In this issue, the rest of the Avengers' sleeper agents finally get to Mars where Ex-Nihilo, Ab...

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Assembled 0

That was quick. The first story arc is done. This was just the beginning though. Avengers are on Mars, Captain America gathers a team to go rescue them. And they do.It was pretty much an epic fight, and had some cool sequences, and some problems.The battle was fast paced and seemed epic enough. My problem is, what that many characters, we really need a better way to identify who they are. So some of the impact was lost. Also the fact that most of the heroes were assembled last issue then now we ...

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Pretty Good 0

All I can say is that this was a pretty impressive issue, the Avengers beat a trio who're almost omnipotent.Even though Marvel NOW! sucks in my opinion I still like the Avengers and I was happy the roster has increased.Any way the art along with the story is good despite it was only three arcs.My advice read this issue....

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Beautiful Art,not so great conclusion 0

A title having Jerome Opeña's art and Dean White w/ Frank Martin Jr.'s colors is spectacular for the eyes guaranteed, no doubt about it, unfortunately this issue felt to me a little weaker than the previous two in the writing department, particularly because of the difficulty level that the Avengers faced in the first two issues compared to this one. It was great that Hickman used different characters to present the solution to the Ex Nihilo threat, like Captain Universe's part, but on the other...

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So the Avengers basically leave Gods on Mars unwatched? Forced to set things up for later stories much? 0

SPOILERS!!!! Final warning!!!!!!I’m trying to review every issue of this series as I want to have achieved at least something with my reviews so I want to review every issue of Johnathan Hickman’s Avengers so that is why I’m doing this.The opener for this story was fantastic the first issue I loved it showed a lot of potential for what was to come but the last issue I was disappointed with it, it was too slow for me and well some of it just felt a little off at points but I hoped the ending of ...

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Avengers #3 Review 0

Cover & Solicit - 5/5Would I pick-up or buy the comic based on the solicit or cover alone?Are the alternate covers appealing?Does the solicit and cover portray what happens in the issue?Do I like the artist's style on the cover?Art, Colors & Inking - 5/5- Weighted DoubleDo I personally like this artist's style?Does the artist stay true to the characters appearance?If there are multiple artists do they blend well and not disturb the reading experience?Does the coloring/inking blend well w...

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