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The time space continuum is broken! And the Avengers must travel to the far flung future to see exactly what terrible mess their children have made of the world. But maybe, just maybe, Kang didn't tell our heroes the truth about what has gone wrong. Guest starring the Next Avengers, the Future Imperfect Hulk and the Amazing Spider-Girl! Yeah, you heard us! Another blockbuster issue from Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita, Jr.! Plus! Another chapter in the untold oral history of the Avengers by Brian Michael Bendis…!

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"Next stop: our apocalyptic future" 0

Be sure the check out my review of The Avengers #2.  100 Words Or LessApocalypse and his Four Horsemen have traveled through the timestream to the present day and the Avengers do battle while Iron Man tries to figure out why they are here. The team figures out exactly where in time they need to go and half the team find safe haven to continue re-buliding the time machine. Meanwhile, the other half are disbatched to deal with other time-related disturbances in New York City.  So Then I Said...I w...

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John Romita Jr. is killing this book... 0

I want to like Avengers, I REALLY do. The story that Bendis is trying to tell is a good one, and there's some genuinely great moments in this book, like the brief moment of banter between Noh-Varr and Spider-Man. From a storytelling perspective, this book is great, if a little bit cluttered. The problem lies with the ugly, ugly artwork of John Romita Jr. It's like he's not even trying anymore. The first issue was okay, the second issue was bad, and this third issue set new standards for the word...

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