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Do you like the Avengers? Because Brian Bendis clearly doesn't.

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You're in the comic book store and you're browsing through the titles. You see this cover. "Oh a Storm issue!" you think. You run to buy it because we're obviously going to have some Storm action. The big action you get is one or two panels where Storm is UNCONSCIOUS in the BACKGROUND.

What does happen in this issue? In the traditional style of Brian Bendis' Avengers pretty little. The whole thing is just an assortment of double-splash pages of the Avengers being beat over and over again. It gets to the point where it's just not exciting to see. Each Avenger gets beat somehow by some different HAMMER resource across two pages. It's just boring to read. It's not epic as the art splashed across to pages tries to convince you. It's just an excuse to fit as little into an overpriced comic as possible.

Noh-Varr actually gets more than one page of action in this book but only because we need to see how much the Avengers suck and how easily they can be beaten by the all-mighty Norman Osborn and HAMMER. It gets to the point where the Avengers are getting beat so easily that as an Avengers fan it just becomes annoying.

Do you like the Avengers? Because Brian Bendis clearly doesn't. He's spending all his time now it seems telling us why we shouldn't like the Avengers. This story is a rehash of his own idea (that's less than 2 years old) and just isn't subtle or interesting. It's the epitome of everything not to like about Bendis' writing of Avengers.

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Posted by lykopis

Over a year later and Bendis is still hating on the Avengers. Surprising. Not.

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