ironherc's Avengers #21 - Mess with the Goddess,get the Storm! review

What is this? An Avenger issue that is….actually good?

After three average issues which were affected by many dumb moments that hurt this story arc that has lots of potential since even if this yet another reused villain from his long run, it’s a very interesting story (I mean, Ultron is good but he already used him on mighty avengers, the hood from most of the last volumes of new avengers and now Norman Osborn who was barely defeated right before the re-launch. I believe there are plenty of other threats around the Marvel U besides them). It's nice this issue has step up it’s game and I liked it.

The issue starts with spider woman and hawkeye being surrounded by the H.A.M.M.E.R Hulk’s who are about to get our heroes but Jessica pulls a nice act as she pretends to be a spy for Hydra as she is forced to even knock out her forced love interest (even the ms marvel/spider-man thing felt much more natural....oh wait it kinda did but didn't go nowhere which sucks, could had been a interesting couple) but this time we get the twist of the Hulks knowing beforehand about this happening as she is forced to run away from them. Revealing that they have wall crawling like spider-man too. They catch up and knock her down. Meanwhile the red hulk is struggling against the tiny wasp soldiers who take him down when they hit his frontal lobe, defeating the big red giant and ruining storm’s debut (which makes me wonder why marvel promoted this issue so badly if she was just going to be in the floor in a few panels). The scene changes again as Protector is trying to contact the cap but he is unable to reach him as he must face off against Iron Man whose armor has been hacked, but despite the fact that his tech manage to hold him down he is still defeated by and the hack forces tony to take him away. As the issue ends, captain’s team is attacked by giant men and the vision defeats one of them as he tries to interrogate while falling off the quinjet but cap despite managing to fight off the giants he is defeated when he jumps off the jet with maria hill, with Osborn being called that the leader of the avengers has been taken down.

The Good:

The action is picking on as Hammer shows how much of a threat they are and we get more action from many members, sure most of their efforts ended up vain except the vision who is proving to be a very cool member (I haven’t read anything about him except his brutal death in disassembled) he kinda reminds me of the martian manhunter as he has some of his abilities and manages to at least defeat one of his attackers unlike everyone else. I do also like the design and concept of all this super powered hammer soldiers at lot and with a few basic strategies, even they can take some of the most powerful heroes around.

The Bad:

There isn’t much besides the team being wiped out but since this title and new avengers are in their stage were action is pretty much welcomed I have not problem. Also as much as I like some of the current team members (Vision is getting to be one of my favorites for he isn't as incompetent as the rest) I find it very unbalanced, if bendis wanted to have a semi large team then he should had picked more variation for his team and more new blood or at least other previous members before his run. As much as i try to like this team...just doesn't feel that it's one that is going to last long.

I find myself thinking besides of the cover lying to me completely (I know the main rule of covers lying but still…..) Storm sucks as an avenger and this issue was supposed to be her comeback…..making also ask why is she here? She will betray the avengers and go back to Cyclops the moment the event starts....okay not betray since she is an X-Men first and all but still......just hope she becomes somewhat useful later on in this story.

Overall: 4/5

I’m shock that this issue was enjoyable, It might not had been the best I’ve read but this is a sign that the plot is already picking up as three issue are left to see how will the avengers deal with this enemy that seem to be way too much for them to handle alone.


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