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World of old!

  Quote: Hawkeye to captain america- “Yeah, Yeah-- so we fix it right? That’s what we dod, after all. And we start by freeing the others right? 


After the events of last issue we have a world Morgan has reshaped in her image; which translates into her turning the world in her own medieval version/dimension (kinky girl, our Morgan). Here she rules unchallenged and the world is very literally her oyster. Even the once mighty avengers are now just pawns in her grand scheme, they have been transformed into her own personal army known as the “Queen’s Vengeance” (sweet).

We see the transformed world and avengers and all seems well, Morgan has won….or has she?

Deep in a castle’s dungeon we find our lone heroin, the stunningly beautiful chaos witch, Wanda Maximoff. Apparently Wanda is immune to the alterations of the world (and thus Morgan’s main problem). Since she remains unchanged by the spell, She knows that something is amiss with the world, and she knows that only the avengers can stop it! Thus she uses her powers to send out a mystical call for the avengers.

Morgan’s world continues on until Wanda’s call makes Thor come to his sense somewhat and he starts to question the new world. He becomes confused as to why the god of thunder would be a soldier in Morgan’s army (lol guess Gods don’t serve huh). In his confusion he flies off to Asgard to get some answers. Alas Asgard does not exist in Morgan’s world, leading thor back to earth with new resolve.

Captain America is the nest to be hit by Wanda’s mystic call for avengers, the ever resourceful Cap works his way through the queens vengeance and manages to help some of his friends break free. After cap free the hot headed Hawkeye, he in turn frees African American hottie Photon and the sexy Ms. van Dyne AKA the Wasp.

As the free thinking avengers miscalculate and underestimate the spell, when they try to free Iron Man he attacks them. They then find themselves surrounded by their former allies (who are about to kick their heads in), Cap tries to reason with them to no avail. Luckily though Quasar and Justice rally to their side, even though justice never even served as an Avenger (hmmm justice doth have the heart of an avenger it seems). Before anymore can be turned Morgan has her team attack the traitors. 

With this break in their ranks Queens Vengeance attacks and a massive battle erupts though clearly our heroes are outnumbered. With out team about to roasted alive and skewered, Thor returns! (in the nick of time) With him on their side they are able to turn the tide just enough so they can beat a hasty retreat; they escape into the woods.

Morgan is now aware that something has gone wrong but despite the obvious solution; warping reality again she decides that she will hunt them down later (since she has the whole world in her palm). Meanwhile deep in the bowels of her dungeon the Scarlet Witch continues her call with all her strength, even more amazingly, energy swirls in front of her….her call has been answered and Wonder Man, the deceased Avenger returns!!

The Good!

Another beautiful read, story flow was perfect, we had enough tense moments to warrant a racing heart and the finale scene with Wonder man returned to life to aid Wanda was damn cool! The art is perfect.

The Bad!

I had no complaints with this issue.

The Ugly!
Kurt Busiek and George Perez the dynamic duo deliver a damn perfect read yet again!
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