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Traitor in the council

This story arc spans 3 books and I love every one of them, and they each contribute very well to this story, adding a lot to it all, and each book is very well written. I was particularly excited for this issue as we would see Captain Marvel go binary again as seen on the cover.


The Builders have captured several of the Avengers and Ex Nihila brings Captain Marvel to the builders for further interrogation. The Council of Worlds meets to discuss ways to defeat the Builders.


Possibly the weakest chapter of Infinity yet in my opinion, but it’s still a really good read, and better than most parts of an event. This issues real problem is that it’s a little slow, and hasn’t got as much action as previous chapters, and more is a let’s talk this over kind of issue. I do however like some of the developments in this issue, as it reveals a bit about the Builders motivation and why they are going after Earth, which made the issue a bit more interesting, and the bits at the beginning with the fight scene were also pretty good. This issue just compared to other chapters of infinity feels a bit lighter on content.

The Good

  • · The cover oh, do I love this cover it’s so simple yet the beautiful red colouring words so well on this cover, it’s just gorgeous.
  • · As seen on the cover Carol Danvers goes Binary while I expected it to be a bit more of a focus, but I think that would be played out more in her own book, but the brief appearance was spectacular, and the action scene that is in is also pretty good as well.
  • · We learn a bit more about the Builders, and while there reason for destroying the planets is still unknown we learn a bit more about their interest in Earth, and it’s interesting and makes sense, and plays into stuff that has already been involved in Hickman’s run. It is interesting, and the revelation will make the story more interesting. We also see a bit more of the characterisation of the Builders, and I’ve yet to be properly sold on them, but it’s going in the right direction.
  • · The plot with the Council of Worlds gets more interesting, when one turns out to be a traitor, and although I didn’t expect it, this is the one character I would expect to do it. It makes the book more interesting, and I look forward to see where this goes next, but I did enjoy this scene especially the end bit.
  • · The dynamics between the Council of Worlds members is particularly fun to read, as we see who supports the Avengers, and who doesn’t, it made the scene interesting, and added a bit of drama to the scene.
  • · The ending is a big shocker and will leave you excited for the next part.
  • · The art was spectacular from Yu maybe not as good as last issues, but still a fantastic looking issue full of detail, and emotion. I think Yu wasn’t doing as well because he didn’t have to draw as bigger action scenes, like in the last, but he does draw a really good action scene in this issue, near the beginning, and the flashback scene looked really good for it’s more sort of dulled colours. Yu also puts a lot of effort into drawing the aliens and each one looks fantastic in its own way.

The Bad

  • · This issue is fairly light on action, and slows the book down to establish a few things it works well, but it’s just not as good as the last issue and other chapters of Infinity, but it is necessary to the story.
  • · One panel is ummm interesting it’s one with Captain Marvel and Ex Nihila, and it’s well I think you know what I’m talking about it’s just very awkward and not in a good way.
  • · Art is a little rougher in some places than last issue especially in the talky scenes.
  • · Minor spoilers The stories a little predictable I mean you knew the Builders were going to pull a fast one on the Traitor of the council.

The Verdict

This was a good issue just out of all the main Infinity chapters this is the weakest so far, but it’s not bad, and it does move the plot along, if a little slower, and does reveal some more of the story. It just doesn’t succeed as well as other chapters of Infinity have, but hopefully next issue will be better.

4 stars

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Posted by TheIncredibleSuperHulk8642

Awesome review I agree completely on all points good and bad :)

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Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Great review mate

Posted by broo1232
Posted by johnkmccubbin91
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