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Welcome to the Avengers Storm

Summary and scans viewed here

The Good

Storm- Earths mightiest and most popular woman (Yeah yeah I know that’s debatable, sue me!) joins the Avenger’s ranks. All I can say is, it’s about damn time!

Loyalty- with Storm’s induction I can’t help but think of the impending clash between the x-men and the avengers. Storm is right now Scot’s right hand; she’s his second in command if it comes down to a fight between the teams we know her power will be on the side of the X-men. How would this play into her future on the team?

The Bad

Boring- I feel like the Avenger’s line has retained its status quo for too long….it’s like every other week or year we have a team shuffle and we do the exact same thing; offer membership, talk to the press etc……it all feels so….mundane at this point.

Art- Not the most detailed art out there

Token- I really just see storm being used as a token black member/Thor replacement in this book. Evidence? She joins the team so casually you would think she had rolled out of bed, and once she joins the cast she fades into the background. Expected, but Storm fans don’t expect too much!

The Ugly

2.5/5 Very average


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