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Avengers #14


Posted by sithfrog

I don't know if I would go as low as half a star, but I agree with you.  This issue was boring!  The fight could have been summed up in a couple of pages and it feels like Bendis has stalled.  Perhaps he diverted too much energy to the 1959 Avengers over in the other book?

I would actually agree with the half star. As a fan of the Avengers, of the Red Hulk, and who thinks the Fear Itself concept is an interesting one, this issue was absolutely invalid, much as it sadly was as a comic story itself.
Bendis is capable of better, I've read it. The interview/head shots feature is cliche and overbaked in this series
and contributed nothing worthwhile here. No character development. The battle was silly. I'm not sure how Red Hulk
punching Thing out of anger a few times proved him a great Avenger? The art is the absolute worst I have seen in any
single comic in the past year, and I mean that. And not an essential part of the Fear Itself story it seems either. The only recommendation I give to those curious about buying this issue is avoid doing so and go read anything else that came out this month.

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