dark_noldor's Avengers #12 - Who Will Wield the Gauntlet? review

Play the game: who has the Gem?

There´re good things to be learned from this arc story and the most important one is that the Infinity Gems deserve a new mini series of their own, not especifically about Marvel heroes, but something from the past, it would be so interesting seeing a story about a war of older beings trying ot control the 6 Gems. Even if it´s not a mini material, this was a good arc story, proving that the Infinity Gems and the Illuminati are great concepts. The conclusion here didn´t disapointed me, it happened as it should have: a final confrontation, the heroes using the leverage against Robbins (the fact that never a human being wielded the Gems together) and an amazing end, wrapping up the whole ideological problems between Steve and Tony, The best thing about this issue was definitely the dialogues between Thanos and Robbins and Red Hulk chasing him reality after reality - Bendis rose up in this final issue, proving that he can do awesome dialogues. I guess if this series had another artist, it would be better than this final product. I like JRJR a lot, but he is better doing stuff like Punisher, Spider-Man, not Avengers, this is not his thing.
3.5 out 5


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