gold_dust_boi's Avengers #12 - Who Will Wield the Gauntlet? review

To Infinity and Beyond

AWESOME!  I mean really what else does a book need to be awesome???  We have inner turmoil, old storylines made new and cool again, old plot threads and slightly newer plot threads weaving together, and last but not least *SPOILER ALERT* sanctimonious egomaniacs, like for example Steve Rogers, are forced to admit they DON'T know whats best!  Honestly though, this issue was amazing.  Lets go through my list I just made shall we?  First and probably most important, we finally see the tension between Steve and Tony (which has been bubbling since Civil War) finally start to subside.  Steve finally realizes that you can't always do whats best for the world right in front of their faces.  Somethings are just flat out too dangerous to be seen or done in the public eye.  Bendis managed too take a tired old storyline (lets face it between the Guanlet, the War and the Crusade, haven't the Infinity Gems been done too death?) and not only refreshed it but also mixed in newer villains (The Hood) and tied this old relic into newer plots threads (such as Steve/Tony's differences and Thunderbolt Ross (aka the Red Hulk) getting to possess the Power Gem.  It was also really great to see the two Avengers teams get together (since Avengers and New Avengers are the only good teams, and the other two are a waste of good books) and cooperate.  And last but certainly not least, my favorite part of the book was at the end seeing Steve have to suck it up and admit that Tony was right: Not everything can be done in the public eye and there are some things humanity DOES need done for it and quietly.  I honestly wouldnt have minded if he came flat out and said "you were right and I'm sorry" but when dealing with someone like a former Captain America you can't explain miracles I guess.

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