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Tony Stark could get away with murder... 0

Well, another Avengers issue, another storyline down the tubes, and another instance where Tony Stark, after being condemned for doing something stupid, is then embraced and told "You were right along" by that same person. The issue itself is actually pretty good, writing-wise. The art's atrocious, but I've come to expect that from this title. The thing that gets me, though, is the ending. It's just a complete cop-out to avoid changing the status quo even a little bit. Turns out Iron Man was rig...

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Another quick arc over 0

Well, old Bendis certainly threw us for a loop. Yes, many people (me included) thought he had trampled continuity under the bus again when Thanos appeared at the end of last issue, but of course SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.I should have realized it was just a fake out. So the Avengers battle to defeat the Hood and it's over a little quickly. But I think this is just typical of comics nowadays. Everything has to fit into the 6-issue format so it can be made into a trade ...

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To Infinity And... We'll Stop Here. Here's Good. 0

For the second time in a row, Brian Michael Bendis brings a struggling story arc to a strong conclusion as the Avengers prevent the Hood's rise to omnipotence.This story arc has had its fair share of problems. It got off to a terrible start with some ridiculous plot convenience enabling the Hood and Red Hulk. Later explanations made the Hood's role more believable, but nothing ever salvaged Red Hulk's poor introduction. The strained dynamic between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers became the backbone...

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To Infinity and Beyond 0

AWESOME!  I mean really what else does a book need to be awesome???  We have inner turmoil, old storylines made new and cool again, old plot threads and slightly newer plot threads weaving together, and last but not least *SPOILER ALERT* sanctimonious egomaniacs, like for example Steve Rogers, are forced to admit they DON'T know whats best!  Honestly though, this issue was amazing.  Lets go through my list I just made shall we?  First and probably most important, we finally see the tension betwe...

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Avengers #12 Review by Peteparker 5/5 0

   SPOILER WARNING: Video Contains Spoilers.       ...

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why 0

Iron Man has gone off the deep end, what's up with him writers, please explain someone please explaiun fone of my favorite heroes and i hate to see him lose his friends and teammates. I know this will lead him to being kicked off the team but this seems to happen a lot of times please explain what he 's trying to do...

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Play the game: who has the Gem? 0

There´re good things to be learned from this arc story and the most important one is that the Infinity Gems deserve a new mini series of their own, not especifically about Marvel heroes, but something from the past, it would be so interesting seeing a story about a war of older beings trying ot control the 6 Gems. Even if it´s not a mini material, this was a good arc story, proving that the Infinity Gems and the Illuminati are great concepts. The conclusion here didn´t disapointed me, it happene...

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a bit of a dip 0

I may not be getting it but i found this end to the story a bit of a let down.  To me it seemed to sell the rest of this great story arc short and appeared forced and just a bit to short. Perhaps i may be being a bit unfare but when you have one of the most powerful weapons in the marvel universe being held by a total fruit like Hood  i sort of wanted a more explosive end to another wise good Avenger story.     My other slight complaint at the moment is that in the Avengers we are not getting en...

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