theacidskull's Avengers #10 - Validator review

Same As Always

It's been 10 issues, and the formula is basically the same. it's all About some SUPER/UBER MEGA prophecy and beings from outer space or evolution stages that happened billions of bla bla bla, it's the same. Now don't get me wrong, these things are very interesting, and i mean that, i honestly enjoy these interesting arcs, but thats also the problem.

You see, Hickmans cares more about the story and plot, so the characters are kind of left in the dark. these avengers arcs are similar to chess, there is only the moving 'game' but the figures are merely part of the game, and thats all they do. the great thing about the avengers, or any team for that matter, is the fact that how the team interacts, do they trust each other? who can't they put up with? why is hulk doing well with people who have betrayed him more times than one? thats whats interesting.

But no, it's all about the plot.

But one of the things i loved about the issue though is the fact that banner was for once the smart guy instead of being all about smashing, thats one interesting concept i grasped here, and i hope it's not the end of it. Also , mike Deaodatos art is superb, each page is a treat for every reader out there, this is one of his best work and as i fan i loved every page of it.

Overall this was very disappointing, for the tenth issue there should at least be some character prominence and interaction, i wouldn't pick this one up.

Recommendation: Eh....

Posted by Cyclops4President

Great cover. great review

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