scuzz2_0's Avengers #1 - Avengers World review

Well done.

This book was great. It didn't feel to long or to short and definitely left me wanting more. The art for the most part was excellent and I loved the character designs although in the beginning I thought the robot looked a little Fragile but that was resolved when he was kicking Cap's A$$. There was also a couple of panels where I thought Tony Stark looked a little ...... mangy? It was weird but overall I would call the art a big success.

I am loving that Hickman is adding new characters to the mix, especially the 2 new mutants and Hyperion. I like the idea of Sam and Roberto being big time superheroes. I just hope they don't de-power Hyperion to keep Thor as the only super powerful member, it would be cool if there was a friendly rivalry between the 2 where they try to outdo each other.

The new villains were pretty cool (except the previously mentioned gripe about the robot). The character design for Ex Nihilo is great but I'm still not crazy about the name. Maybe it will grow on me.

I'm not sure how i feel about the time jumps in the comic but its not a deal breaker so I'll see where it goes. It feels like some stuff should have been addressed on panel, like did Bruce Banner say 2 million people died or did he just mean they were affected or displaced or something. I'm sure their are readers in Perth that are like, "did they just kill me......OFF PANEL?!!"

A great start.

Note: The way Opena draws Hulk's face just doesn't work for me. It was messed up.

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