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Avengers are back 0

I haven't read an Avengers comic in a long time, as I'm not a big fan of Bendis. So when Hickman was announced as the writer' for the Marvel NOW! Avengers team I was really excited to start pulling the series again. He was blowing it out of the water with his work on the Fantastic Four, and I'm very pleased to say that his first issue of Avengers is equally good. The villains introduced were really interesting (Are they brand new characters, or am I just not familiar with them?), and they sound ...

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Well done. 0

This book was great. It didn't feel to long or to short and definitely left me wanting more. The art for the most part was excellent and I loved the character designs although in the beginning I thought the robot looked a little Fragile but that was resolved when he was kicking Cap's A$$. There was also a couple of panels where I thought Tony Stark looked a little ...... mangy? It was weird but overall I would call the art a big success.I am loving that Hickman is adding new characters to the mi...

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Avengers #1 Review 0

The GoodOverall, I think the title is going to raise lots of attention in the eyes of Marvel readers, as well as Avengers fans, alike. Brian Michael Bendis did an excellent work on building the Avengers to what it is now and creates an easy access for writers of the title. Jonathan Hickman did a great job in raising the hype of the Avengers and setting new boundaries for the title, which will have to be fulfilled further along the story to understand more of what's going on. He goes directly int...

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Uncanny X-For--... I mean... Avengers #1 - Review 0

So we got Hickman on the writing and Opeña pencilling... Needless to say, I had high expectations for this comic. Thankfully, they were fulfilled. The plot can be a little bit confusing at first, but as the story progresses, you'll easily understand. No doubt at all, the book was influenced by the Avengers movie, and, to be honest, I thought that was a really bad thing at first, but once I finished the comic I wanted the team to be the one shown in the high grossing movie. The thing is, the issu...

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Assemble at Dawn 0

Being the Captain America fan I am and trying to keep up with the Living Legend, I figured with Avengers getting a shiny new issue 1, I'd jump ship and subscribe. It will be a tough subscription as it will be a bi-weekly comic. Does issue 1 make me feel good about this decision?You bet your sweet bottom it does. Now my last read of Avengers was issue 28 and so I have no idea what happened at the end of the volume. I think, make that a big think, that this picks up right at the end of that, or is...

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Jonathan Hickman Continues His Case For God-Hood 0

THE GOODJonathan Hickman is writing the Avengers. It's science-fiction heavy already. Do I need to say more? Okay, I will. Ex Nihilo is already one cool villain. Aleph is as well. I'm interested by Abyss and her powers. I'm interested by how the Garden came about. Hickman has basically written Interest Factory #1 here.Jerome Opeña. Jerome. Opeña. He is so perfectly suited for this story, I can't believe it. His work on Uncanny X-Force blew me away, and like his work on Uncanny, he feels tonally ...

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Amazing set up issue 0

The good : Now it's rare for me that a set up issue deserves 5 stars, but Hickman knocks it out the park with this one. He brings forth an idea that will direct the series in its entirety: the Avengers have to become bigger. Now of course any writer could just have taken the reigns of the book and put that idea into place, but only Hickman can make it work in a new and imaginative way. His whole issue delves on the why they have to become larger and that is what I loved the most about the book. ...

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Getting Bigger 0

So, before I start, let me just say, I liked Bendis' Avengers. For the most part. Really, I did. However, I think that it got stale somewhere in the last 2 years and desperately needed a change. So when I learned that Jonathan Hickman would be taking over with Marvel NOW!, I was overjoyed. Hickman's run on Fantastic Four and FF was, without out a doubt, a masterpiece--absolutely one of the greatest stories I have ever read. So, as you can tell, I had very high hopes for this book.The Good:First ...

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Avengers #1 0

If they could make a sequel to the Avengers Movie, I hope it's just like this first issue of Avengers. A few characters that I'm not really familiar with (Ex Nihilo, Aleph, and Abyss) are plotting something big. As the Avengers (Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Ironman, Hulk, and Captain America) land on the Red planet, they are easily defeated by these new enemies. Ex Nihilo captures all the Avengers and spares Captain America's beaten and bloody body and sends it to earth as a warning sign to anyon...

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20+ Members on the Avengers 0

Here is my video review for Avengers issue 1. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below:...

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Avengers Assemble 0

The newest Avengers series has finally come out and I was interested to see what a new writer would do with the series. I have never been the biggest fan of Jonathan Hickman's work but have always thought of him as a good writer. He did some amazing things during his time on Fantastic Four and although I only liked some of it, the things I did like were brilliant. I also enjoyed what I read of his The Manhattan Projects series for Image and was sad to have to drop the series after 5 issues due t...

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Very strong start. 0

This is one of the Marvel Now! Series I was most looking forward to since I love the Avengers and Hickman is a great writer this was my most anticipated new launch for December so I hoped it would be good.PlotEx Nihilo terraforms Mars. Iron Man meets with Captain America and they discuss the future of the Avengers and how they need to get bigger. Ex Nihilo continues to make a new world on Mars and a new species to live there. The Avengers land on Mars and attack Ex Nihilo.ReviewThis series from ...

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Assemble 0

I'm not a huge fan of the art on the cover, but I can't deny that it's a very bold and iconic image. Of course I ended up getting the Deadpool Gangnam Variant, which amuses me to no end. I'm still blown away that Marvel would actually do something like that. As much as I think Marvel SEVERELY overdoes Variant covers, especially with nonsensical themes, I love this one.Jonathan Hickman was the man who won me over on the Fantastic Four, whom I cared little for prior. The Avengers are a different s...

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You Weird-Looking Freak 0

The GoodFor starters, Jerome Opena's art. Given that the first comic that I ever picked up was Uncanny X-Force #1, I have a special place in my heart for Mr. Opena. His art is just so damn good. He makes all the characters look mythical and deep without pencilling on over-developed abs and ridiculous cheekbones. People actually look human, even Thor, who people tend to draw with biceps larger than Captain America's head.In this issue the villain's goals are revealed and this is the kind of villa...

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k so lemme get this out of the way. i very much dislike Marvel NOW! i really feel like it's what DC did with The New 52 because they were sorta getting beat by Marvel, by popularity and money (and let's face it aqua man is a joke). by rebooting the entire company it gave new readers a chance to start from scratch. but marvel NOW! felt weird and a little useless. i rather have them get new writers for their current comic series' but this and the new deadpool story really convinced me that there i...

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A not so bright start 0

It's a new day for the Avengers, with new threats, larger widespread danger, but the premise is the same. Jonathan Hickman didn't disapointed me in these first two issues of Marvel's Mightiest Heroes, keeping his sci-fi elements, introducing new villains, binging back characters forgotten, integrating non Avengers franchise characters, imprinting a very good pace, balancing interesting dialogues with the right amount of captions, moving foward the narrative with his indistinctive style of loops,...

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Assemble at dawn 0

I'll preface this review by stating that I'm not normally an Avengers reader. That is, in the past, I've only read the Avengers titles during events, if only to get a feel for what was going on in the greater Marvel U. However, other Marvel NOW books have impressed me so much that I heeded the advice of many and decided to give Avengers a try. I believe this is also my first superhero Hickman title, as well.All that said, I absolutely loved Avengers #1. I think it's an excellent launch to a titl...

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Interesting 0

An intriguing start. I'm hoping that this interplanetary theme continues in the way it has, especially given the fact that I have yet to read a Marvel space story that I've liked. A strong beginning, let's see if they can make it last.I give this a neutral 3. I'm interested to see where this goes....

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Avengers #1 Review 0

Cover/Solicit - 4/5- Would I pick-up the comic based on the solicit/cover alone? Are the alternate covers appealing? Does the solicit/cover portray what happens in the issue?Art - 4/5- Do I personally like this artist's style? Does the artist stay true to the characters appearance?Colors/Ink/Lettering - 4/5- Does the work blend well with the artist? Is the coloring/inking enjoyable and easy to distinguish what's happening? Can I easily read the lettering?Layout/Flow - 4/5- Does the layout of the...

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"Almost Godlike" 0

This is a very strong start to a series that, is obviously is going to be brought heavily throughout the community, for being the main title. This a great story for many reasons, it sets the tone; Keeps you guessing and makes you think. The art is very nice. The cameo appearance of the new team is fantastic. Got a bargain for it and I can't see why this is a great book....

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Both nostalgic and interesting 0

I am not entirely sure what I was expecting to see when I got myself this issue of Avengers. I have followed them on and off for various years, but not nearly enough to consider myself a true fun. Was it then worth to buy ‘Avengers World’? Yes and no, I don’t exactly regret buying the comic, but I didn’t truly expect to buy it before other Marvel NOW! titles out of not being a big Avengers fan. Written by Jonathan Hickman and with art by Jerome Opeña and Adam Kuber...

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