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The Warrior Angel

Avengelyne is an angel of the one true God, Jehovah, known to her and the other angels as the Lord of Hosts. She was created from light, known as the white fire, the source of an angels divine power. Being an angel, she felt no pain or other 'human' senses and endured as long as God would allow it. Avengelyne is a Seraph and belongs to the Warhost, God's warrior angels whose host numbers in the hundreds of thousands.

Avengelyne is one of the most powerful Seraphs in the Warhost and one of God's favorite angels. Along with the angel Micah, they became feared even to the demons of Hell. Once, Avengelyne stormed Pandemonium, the citadel of the Dragon (the Devil) on her own, killing tens of thousands of demons before having to retreat. As Seraph, Avengelyne was totally fearless and extremely powerful.

Micah, having bad intentions of his own, convinced Avengelyne to question God one day, since she was so highly favored. As faithful followers, they wondered why God favored the humans who constantly embraced the dragon. God was extremely angered by Avengelyne questioning his judgment and she was cast from Heaven to live among the humans as a mortal.

With all of her angelic powers gone except super strength, she soon felt the vulnerabilities and experiences of the human race. They overwhelmed her and she sought refuge at a Catholic church known as St. Augustine's. Naked and scared, Avengelyne was taken in by Father Malory and Father Peter Clifton.


Cathy Christian

Avengelyne was created by Rob Liefeld and Cathy Christian (later also credited to Tony Lobito).

Avengelyne's likeness is based on Christian (who was also the first official model for Vampirella) and she often posed as variant cover images and for swimsuit editions as the character.

Character Evolution

Maximum Press

Maximum Press

Avengelyne was originally published by Maximum Press. During that time, her entire story unfolded from beginning to end, being cast from Heaven and then taken back by God.

Avatar Press

Avatar Press

Later, the rights to the character were licensed to Avatar Press. Avatar published many mini-series and crossovers with the character and their own, seemingly ignoring the full circle story presented during her time at Maximum Press. As she still does not have her angelic powers restored, it is uncertain when these events may have taken place and are generally considered by most to be out of continuity.

Awesome Comics

Awesome Comics

Avengelyne was brought to Liefeld's Awesome Comics for a kind of 'reboot' in 1999, but this fell short and was only published for one issue.

Image Comics

Image Comics

In 2011, Avengelyne was brought back to comics, surprisingly to Image, the company Liefeld helped found originally and left to create at Maximum.

Major Story Arcs

Maximum Press

Lord B'liale

Battle with B'liale

Avengelyne was not unnoticed by the evil of Earth and the powerful demon Lord B'liale noticed her almost immediately. Once an angel like Avengelyne, B'liale was cast from Heaven and turned to evil in rebellion. He wore the guise of a human and planned to take over the Earth. At first he wished to turn Avengelyne to evil and sent his consort H'Lana to capure her.

H'Lana lured Avengelyne into a trap by capturing Father Peter. Taking a holy sword used in the Crusades as a weapon, Avengelyne went after her friend. H'Lana nearly killed Avengelyne but was transported away for disobeying her master. This experience forced Peter to realize the truth and warned Father Malory about B'Liale, who was attempting to by the church under the guise of a great humanitarian. Without her angelic powers, Avengelyne was no match for a demon lord such as B'liale. Luckily, Peter knew of a exorcism that was powerful enough to stop such a demon that involved the blood of Christ. Being a child of God, Peter believed Avengelyne's blood would work as well.

Underneath New York City, they found B'Liale's dark lair. Avengelyne was nearly killed again by H'Lana, but saved at the last moment by Peter who decapitated her. B'liale's cockiness led to his downfall, the exorcism working and the incantation banishing him from the Earth.

Deadly Sins

Avengelyne and Peter went to Las Vegas to briefly escape the demons of New York only to be found by some of the most powerful demons - the Seven Deadly Sins. With their power to corrupt humanity, the city became a playground of the devil. Even Peter was ensnared by Lust. Trapped by the seven, Avengelyne knew she must use their sins against them, picking them off one by one. In the end, only Pride survived, who vowed to replace his brethren and return again.

The Birth of Magog

B'liale was able to survive and his demon hoarde sent to St. Augustine's where they burned it to the ground. This is when Avengelyne met Kyle Wagner, a new member of the church, one who Avengelyne was instantly attracted to. After finally agreeing to go on a date with him, they eventually conceived a child together in sin. It was only after this that she learned the truth, Kyle was in fact a demon who was specifically chosen to impregnate her. His blood matched hers perfectly and the child would not have the noraml side effects of a angel-demon hybrid. Kyle was killed right after the childs birth by the angel Passover, one of God's most feared and loyal servants.

The hybrid child came to be known as Magog and he was immensely powerful, possibly the most powerful demon in existence. Avengelyne and Passover battled the demon and it was only when Avengelyne used one of her blood miracles that Magog retreated. The exorcism should have killed the demon by burning his blood from the inside, but amazingly he survived.


Father Malory decided to rebuild the church but of a new faith. He called it the Church of the People and Avengelyne swore to protect the church from any futher destruction. One day a cyborg named Cybrid entered the church. He knew little of how he became to be a cyborg, but the Clan of the Quiet Palace still sought him out, wanting their weapon back. They fought of the ninjas of the clan but were forced to retreat when robotic sentries of the criminal organization Cynosure appeared. Avengelyne agreed to help Cybrid save his friend Preacher John from the Clan's possession.

Cynosure gained a new ally with the fallen angel Turel, who sought to become a demon lord by killing Avengelyne. All together, they lured Cybrid and Avengelyne into a trap where they planned to convert Cybrid into a feelingless member of the Clan and turn Avengelyne over to Turel. Turel attempted to take over Avengelyne's body, but she resisted and defeated him. Cybrid did not turn in to the killing machine they desired either and together they saved Preacher John.


Trapped by Divinity

Adjusting to her new surroundings in the Church of the People, Avengelyne had an unexpected guest - her sister Divinity. Known as a Herald, Divinity was a messenger of God rather than a warrior. She had arranged to visit her sister on Earth and was made partially mortal, although she retained most of her angelic powers. A trouble maker, Avengelyne stressed over the seriousness and dangers of Earth while Divinity simply wanted to have fun and experience mortality.

After meeting Peter, Divinity wished to experience other human pleasures with him and used her powers to trap Avengelyne. She then used her power to make everyone including Peter think she was Avengelyne. This backfired when demons of the Lord Hark noticed the Warhost in their part of town. Divinity was captured and the demons left a trail for Avengelyne to follow.

With Peter, Avengelyne followed the trail only to be captured by Lord Hark, who thought that she was leading a host to defeat him. Luckily, Divinity was released by someone calling themself a friend and she was able to hold off Lord Hark in his true form while Avengelyne and Peter escaped.


For two weeks, Avengelyne had the same nightmare where she was viewing an evil version of herself. This eventually spilled into reality. While out with Peter, she saw two men kill a demon before her eyes with a talisman she recognized. Long ago, God had sent her host to attack the Druids adn their leader Taliesen, the creators of magic and enemies of Christianity. They had created seven talismans that were capable of destroying both angels and demons. Taliesen was defeated but swore to return, specifically for Avengelyne.

Avengelyne Possessed

She soon learned who possessed the talismans, which had long been thought lost to history. Crymelord, the biggest crime boss in the city, had learned that his enemy Alexander Belisle was a demon and spent a fortune to find out how to protect his reign over the city. Crymelord had a vendetta against all demons and offered a union between himself and Avengelyne, which she refused.

As promised, Taliesen returned when he said he would with four of the talismans. He tricked Avengelyne into his grasp and used his magic to remove the white fire from her and replace it with darkness, possessing her and making her his pawn. He sent her after Crymelord to obtain the remaining three talismans. She was able to obtain two, but Crymelord and the newly returned Lord B'liale formed an unlikely alliance and escaped.

They devised a plan to use the talisman to protect them from magic, but it required a text stolen by Devlin Trask. Devlin just so happened to team up with Peter in order to try and help Avengelyne. The four of them aligned against a greater enemy and with the talisman were able to trap Avengelyne. Most were unsure if she could ever be saved, but Peter believed an exorcism would work. It did not and Avengelyne escaped the trap and took the final talisman for herself.

Returning the talisman to Taliesen, he created a version of Stonehenge in Central Park to begin the ceremony. Everything was aligned but he needed one more thing to complete the transformation - the white fire that he had told Avengelyne he had removed from her. The talismans actually contained some of her white fire and essence that Taliesen had taken in the battle over 1,500 years ago, meaning she was essentially possessed for centuries. Before she could give it to him, Peter managed to talk to her about her faith. Feeling the white fire inside of her for the first time since becoming a fallen angel, she used it to ignite the talismans, causing a massive explosion. Avengelyne miraculously survived the explosion, the magic leaving her body and the white fire returning.


On day, two Seraphs came to Avengelyne and informed her that she was needed in Heaven. Once there, she learned that God had just disappeared and her old companion Micah had started a rebellion in his absence. Passover had formed an alliance to combat him and he and the angel Amos chose Avengelyne to led them against the angel she once knew so well. She accepted and her angelic powers were restored.

As written in Revelations, humanity was nearly destoryed, only 144 thousand surviving and held safe by the angels in Jerusalem. After 100 years of battle with Micah and the lost souls of Purgatory, the angels finally teamed up with the demons led by Lord B'liale. It seemed that not only God was missing but the Dragon as well.

Rewarded and Reborn

At Megiddo, the final battle took place as fortold. On the plains, Avengelyne faced the head of Micah's army, a being calling himself Death. A stranger interfered with the battle, who soon revealed himself to be Devlin Trask. Using the full extent of his demonic powers he gave his life in an attempt to stop Death. But Death survived and showed his true identity - Avengelyne's son Magog.

With her demisnished powers due to the absence of God, she was no match for the powerful demon. Instead of a direct battle she would undoubtedly lose, she took Magog back into herself, ending his threat to the angels and humanity. Micah still believed he had the upper hand until a secret cadre was revealed led by Passover. Fearing defeat, Micah created a portal to escape. Avengelyne and Passover followed.

They found themselves back in time in the Garden of Eden where Micah planned to kill Adam and Eve and end all of humanity from the beginning. It was at this time that the Dragon was going to tempt Eve with his evil. He sent his daughter Sin to stop Avengelyne. Passover arrived to allow Avengelyne to stop Micah. She arrived just in time to sacrifice herself to save Adam and Eve.

It was then that God spoke, saying he had never left and he was merely letting Micah allow Avengelyne to follow her destiny. The question that Micah convinced her to ask had come full circle. As reward, Avengelyne was brought back by God and Micah destroyed. History was rewritten and Avengelyne continued her duties to God, knowing now the true answer to her question.

Avatar Press

Most of Avengelyne's appearances in Avatar comics were crossovers with existing Avatar characters against a common threat. Avengelyne would team up with characters such as Shi, Pandora and Demonslayer.

Image Comics

Avengelyne's New Look

Mysteriously, Avengelyne finds herself in the body of adult film star and stripper Heaven Starr, her powers gone and in a state of confusion. She locates Heaven's home and is soon reminded of her identity and intends to seek out Father Peter. Before she can, the explanation reveals itself - the Red Dragon has take control of Avengelyne's body! With the assistance of Passover, she is able to regain control of her body and defeat the Red Dragon's servant Torment.

Remaining with Father Peter, who has taken control of the New Church of the People, Avengelyne attempts to get Passover to fit in and maintains a friendship with Heaven and her friend Tegan. The church also has a new priest - Father Michael - who they soon learn believes he is an instrument of God's vengeance. While trying to capture him to help him, they must face off against Devlin Trask, now working with the government, and the supernatural team the War Dogs.

Powers and Abilities

Divine Powers

Angel Wings

In her angelic form, Avengelyne is virtually indestructible and heals instantly when damaged, feeling no pain. Only the more powerful demons of the Dragon are able to harm or kill angels such as Avengelyne, using their darkness powers to destroy the white light. She also possessed a sword of the white fire.

Super Strength

On Earth, Avengelyne was stripped of all her powers, making her a mortal. The only power she retains is super strength making her about ten times stronger than the average human.


She still possesses great warrior capabilities including hand to hand combat and swordsmanship.

Demon Sense

She can also sense the presence of demons, although it is not as keen as it once was.

Other Versions

Other Media

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