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For three years, millions of eager fans tuned in to watch new episodes of Nickelodeon’s hit animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Ever since, fans have been hungry for more—and now their wait is finally over!

This volume collects the long-out-of-print, fan-favorite comics previously published in Nickelodeon Magazine and with the Airbender DVDs, plus over seventy brand-new comics pages. That’s twenty-six stories set in Airbender continuity, by a host of top-notch talent, many of whom worked on the original animated series!

A must-have for any Airbender fan!

Twenty-six in-continuity stories, plus bonus content!

Story Titles

Book One: Water

  • Bee Calm
  • Water War
  • Don't Blow It
  • Relics
  • Fruit-Stand Freestyle

Book Two: Earth

  • Sleepbending
  • Lessons
  • Sokka the Avatar
  • Dirty Is Only Skin Deep
  • Divided We Fall
  • Reach For the Toph
  • It's Only Natural
  • Going Home Again
  • The Bridge

Book Three: Fire

  • Private Fire
  • Night Animals
  • Boys' Day Out
  • Ember Island Arcade
  • Monster Slayer
  • Combustion Man on a Train
  • Swordbending
  • No Benders Allowed
  • Love Is A Battlefield
  • Dragon Days
  • Game Time
  • Bumi vs. Toph, Round One

Bonus Stories

  • New Recruits
  • Gym Time

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