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Eurth is an alternate Earth created by the Shaper of Worlds, with Eternity, Infinity, the Living Tribunal and Uatu the Watcher overseeing. Glorian, Prester John and Stranger help in the creation. The result is a world of sword and sorcery inhabitated by alternate reality counterparts to classic Marvel heroes and villains. The names and circumstances may differ but the essence remains the same.
While for the most part who is who among the characters is clear, there are still some peculiarities. 
*Captain Avalon is clearly a counterpart of Captain America but his mystical origin as depicted is more reminiscent of Captain Britain. 
*His Lady of the Lake also plays a Roma-like role. 
*Deathlight is supposed to be a combination of Blackout and Living Laser. But the armor depicted has a stylistic resemblance   to the Silver Samurai.
*The Moondragon counterpart may be a poor depiction of Moonstone.
*Spider-Man and his foes were redesigned to be magical creatures. Only the Scorpion counterpart seems to resemble a green-colored Brood.
*The character with Morbius' looks plays a part more reminiscent of Baron Blood.
*Thor is described as a Mighty Destroyer. Which is actually another Marvel character.
*Widow of the Web is a Madame Web counterpart in her role in Spidey's life. But her costume is patterned after Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew.

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