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The character named Avalon was was co-created and written by Mindy Newell and published 1986-87 by Eclipse Comics.


Tapping the Magic

Years ago there was a mystical heroine named "The Lady" who battled evil as a masked crime-fighter. In her civilian identity as Diane Lane she had relations with a native of mans-world and became pregnant, she later had a daughter named Elizabeth. Ten years later, The Lady would apparently die in battle, and Elizabeth would be raised by her maternal grandmother. She would never know the truth growing up about either her father's or mother's origins.

Elizabeth attended high school in West Orange,NJ and befriended Danny Barkin. The two where inseparable, but Elizabeth's grandmother objected to the two being around each other, or anyone for that matter. What Elizabeth did not know was that her mother was actually the heroine The Lady and she herself was the their to vast ancient Druidic magics. However since Elizabeth had no idea of her mother's mysterious background she went on growing up in a normal if be it overly protective upbringing.

After being abducted along with Danny by a secret government group and taken to a space station. There Elizabeth was given the costume her mother once wore and the truth revealed to her. On that same night Elizabeth would meet her father James Holmes and other unique individuals.

These individuals, most of them meta-humans of their own right, would escape from the space station and returned to Earth a shuttle. The strangers would stay mostly together and develop relationships of trust and unification with each other. The group would form together to create the New Wave and Elizabeth would ware the garb her mother once wore as "Avalon", Druid mystic

Powers and Abilities

Book of Spells

Elizabeth's Druidric backgrounds allows her certain mystical abilities. She has displayed a wide variety of casting intuitive spells without any studies of the it would take most other mystics a lifetime to do. It maybe assumed that her mixed heritage with a mortal man from Earth and a magic entity as a Druid from Avalon. Whatever the case Elizabeth has cast spells to heal, de-age, transport, send astral projections, build shields of magic, and bolts of mystic energy. She has also showed a special attuned connection to the elements and the natural world around her, in particular to flora and fauna.

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