Sin City 2-Ava Lord

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I'm a little confused about the casting of Ava Lord for Sin City 2. I've heard rumors that it was supposed to be Angelina Jolie, then Rose McGowan and now Rachel Weisz. Does anyone know about this?

Also when the movie's out, some say 2009 others say 2010.

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The movie's script is apparently finished, but Miller blames the Weinsteins for the delay, and we haven't heard of Sin City 2 since Comic-Con '07. Rodriguez & McGowan are currently working on the Red Sonja movie, so Sin City 2's in development hell right now.

And I heard Angelina Jolie was Ava Lord, but they delayed production due to her pregnancy. Then, when Jolie took a break from movies after that, they cast Rachel Weisz. I didn't hear Rose McGowan was chosen for Ava Lord (I'm surprised, as she & Rodriguez are super-tight...)

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Eva Green is probably the best choice to play Ava Lord. She's got 'femme fatale' written all over her.

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