Pricing Transformers

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Wanna ask anyone who knows pricing info on Marvel UK Comics version of Transformers circ 1984-1991. Pretty much all issues minus around 4. And no, i did not rate either of the recent films. Geeez...GR

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I once paid £20 for the whole lot and gave them away to a friend.  It depends on how much you're willing to pay/accept for them & the condition they're in... You might find someone willing to pay a hundred or two... on the other end of the scale, if they're in pretty bad condition then 20 quid might be generous.

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here you go. theyre doing pretty good right now with the movie success.
personally i suggest e-bay bidding if your not going to already.
i raked top to better than top dollar for comics that would otherwise be 
worthless there. be aware that the issues with guest stars like the one
with Spider-Man, and the one staring Deaths Head are a little more valuable.

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