If you were a Transformer what would you want to Transform into?

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I was looking at a few of the new Transformers for the upcoming Transformer: Dark of the Moon. I was wondering what you would transform into if you were a Transformer. Try to include some pics of the vehicle mode if you can. Here are some examples of new vehicle modes from the movie   Transformer: Dark of the Moon. For all goto  http://webnewcar.com/2011/new-cars/transformers-dark-of-the-moon-transformers-3-cars-list.html

Mirage, an Autobot who will debut as a red Ferrari 458 Italia.

Brains, a small and intelligent Autobot inventor, whose design resembles Albert Einstein. He's a Blue Mercedes-Benz W212. 


My favorite...      Optimus Prime’s predecessor,  Sentinel Prime voiced by  Leonard Nimoy,   Nimoy provided the voice for Galvatron in The Transformers: The Movie and had been considered for voicing The Fallen in Revenge of the Fallen.    Sentinel Prime  transforms into a  Rosenbauer Panther Airport crash tender fire truck   Sentinel Prime is seen as the Autobot in stasis on the Ark in the teaser trailer. 

My least favorites... Megatron as an Armored rusty Mack Titan 10 Wheeler fuel tank truck gatron with heavy weaponry Due to the events from the last movie Megatron will hide half of his face by using a cowl.  Not how I'd imagine Megatron. 

and another one I feel is out of place,   Soundwave, Megatron’s communication officer, who now transforms into a silver Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.
o Laserbeak, Soundwave’s minion that resembles a mechanical condor and transforms into a Gyrodyne.  Cool car, but not how I'd imagine Soundwave. 

I imagined Soundwave would look something like a  satellite trucks or news vans. Here are some examples of what I'm talking about. Something with Broadcasting ability.
.. or       

Laserbeak may look something like this... .(this isn't a pic of Laserbeak, but of the gyrodyne!) 

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Nuclear Submarine.

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Always thought the jets were the best vehicles. I'll take Starscream's F-22 Raptor.

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a weaponized satellite.

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An 82 AMC Eagle wagon.  My first car, still miss it.  Could go through anything, even with the four wheel drive not working anymore.

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A Nuclear War Ship.

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The Millennium Falcon!

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A Dumpster Truck...

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Something that blends the lines of sturdy and sleek and is an all-around speed machine that could maybe level a small building by merely charging through it.

Nothing special.
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A Eurofighter Typhoon Jet

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I would definitely want to transform into Sofia Vergara's bra!  XD

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Or maybe this thing.

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@Green Skin said:
" I would definitely want to transform into Sofia Vergara's bra!  XD


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 AC-130 Spectre

 ACH-47A Chinook

 Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer

 Gerald R Ford Class Carrier

 Ticonderoga Class Cruiser
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@IrishX said:
Always thought the jets were the best vehicles. I'll take Starscream's F-22 Raptor.

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@IrishX said:

Always thought the jets were the best vehicles. I'll take Starscream's F-22 Raptor.

I guess it depends on what your looking for. If you want to work closely with humans and blend into the city then a automobile would be best. Also if you care about appearances then an exotic car would be best. They are fast and look awesome, but stand out in a crowd and aren't as fast as jets. If you want to be strong something really big and strong then a military vehicle or construction vehicle would be better. Some of those construction vehicles are massive. But jets have the advantage of range and to some degree combat superiority. They can travel far and they are well armed. 
In terms of looks I was leaning towards the  Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport;   the fastest road-legal car in the world with a top speed of   267.85 mph and costs   $2,600,000.    


But i realized that it kinda pales in comparison to the  F-35B Lightning II  which is a stealth fighter like the F-22, but it can lift off and land vertically like a helicopter and horizontally like a conventional jet. Kinda like the   AV-8B Harrier jump jets you see in the movie "True Lies". It's actually kinda awesome. 


@ OmegaTheDestroyer I think you have some really nice ideas. I was also thinking about the International Space Station and a space shuttle. 
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The Batmobile

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Can Opener.  
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I would transform into one of those shiny gizmo's like the one hanging on the pole in the picture below, shortly before
the Universe collapsed in on itself from the redundancy of my action.

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A cybertronian jet or a satellite weapon.

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Pretty much something that flys maybe be a triple changer like Vortex since flight would be amazing not just for advantage in combat but u can see & go any where .

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I would want to be like Astro-train. Triple changer, space shuttle, tank, and maybe a battle ship.

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Nuff said

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