If you were a Transformer, what alt form would you choose?

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As the title says, if you were a transformer, what would you choose to be an alt form? It doesn't necessarily have to be a vehicle as Transformers have shown many times that they can become any machine and some even become animals.

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I'd definitely be a fighter jet, like a CF-18 Hornet or the F-35 Lightning II and an Autobot! 

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I'd be something cool, classic and very fast....... 

like a 1971 Chevrolet corvette
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Probably a classic Beetle. It's an awesome car, and my enemies would have to be really heartless to hit me.

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Or a classic Volkwagen van. Every other Autobot would be working their butts off saving the world, and I'd be following a band on tour with a bunch of hippies.

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then id go kick some decepticon ass

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