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"Authoritative Action," takes place directly after the "Unthinkable" Story Arc in the main Fantastic Four book. After returning his family to their home after the ghastly events they had to endure because of Doctor Doom. Reed felt guilty and wanted nothing more than to protect his family at all costs. His face now disfigured and his spirit broken he decided to make sure that Doom could hurt no one else if ever returned from Hell. Taking advice for Johnny to let out some aggression on Doom on a past self, he steals a lock of Doom's hair only to return to the regular timeline and begin his work

At first his work seems to be obsessive but we eventually find out that Reed had been using Doom's hairs a means to tweak his DNA and allow the team access to his castle in Latveria. He convinces the rest of the group to come to Latveria without ever revealing his true purposes. Upon reaching the sovereign nation, the Fantastic Four, are immediately harassed by the populace and with good reason. For most of his tenure as the monarch of Latveria, he had been feeding his people lies about his arch-enemies, and now seeing them in the flesh caused anger and resentment.

The team ignored them and headed to Castle Doom, where Reed did the unthinkable. Taking off his Fantastic Four suit shirt, he placed it on a flagpole and thus claimed Latveria his own. The team was aghast even if they never outright said it. During their time in the castle, the team made sure to deactivate and destroy most of Doom's weaponry's fearing that if another person or country got their hands on it, the results would be disastrous.

At the same time S.H.I.E.L.D and the government were getting word of this supposed coup that involve the Fantastic Four and sent messages to Reed to leave or it would be seen as treachery. Reed ignored the messages, and hid them from his teammates as they slowly brought to light all of Dooms horrors into the Latveria. The people were horrified and slowly they began to accept the Fantastic Four. They treated them with respect and wanted nothing more than for them to be independent and for the first time in a long time the Latverians could breathe easily.

However, as a result of Reed constantly ignoring the messages from SHIELD and the UN, both organizations were forced to act upon this seeming treachory. However Nick Fury tried to preempt the actions for as long as he could. Unfortunately, they didn't have enough time and Nick was forced to send his men in to take down the Fantastic Four as traitors. Reed finally came clean with the team and told them of the impending plan to strike them with missiles and he convinced the team to leave.

In reality, Reed had been constructing a prison for Doom, to make sure he would never escape and hurt his family. In order to do that however, he'd had to sacrifice his family and stay with Doom in the makeshift prison. Reed said it best, Reed would be Warden and Doom would be prisoner. But things didn't go as planned. The rest of the team caught up to Nick Fury who told them the truth and the team hurried back to the castle to try to stop or help Reed. Before the portal could close the image of Sue, Johnny, and Ben are seen and Doom takes his chance to escape.

He transferred his soul into the Invisible Woman taking over her powers, even remarking on how he always knew Sue was the most powerful of the team, and he carried out a devastating attack using her powers, killing SHIELD agents. Nick Fury had seen it all so he knew it wasn't Sue's doing. When Johnny got close enough to Sue, he switch between the two and took control over Johnny, before finally taking over Ben, determined to use his brute strength to bring down everyone in sight. Ben managed to come back long enough to beg Reed to kill him, with tears in his eyes And with reluctance Reed accepted, mortally wounding his best friend in the process. The next stories would lead into the "Hereafter Arc."

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