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Like Many of the villains created by The Master, not much is known of Aurora, other than being created as a pawn to defeat the heroes created by the H-Dial.  
During  a confrontation in one of The Master's cavern villain factories, The H-Dialers, Chris King (In the guise of Trouble Clef) & Vicki Grant (In the guise of Venus The Flying Trap),  battled Aurora along with other Master created villains, Cableman, Spyderr, Serpentina, Metalliferro, Solar Dynamo, Blue Damsel Fly, Titaness, Trojan & Darkstar. During this battle, she was the last villain standing when the H-Dial's one hour time limit wore off leaving King & Grant defenseless. The Master suddenly appeared along with a controlled Nick Stevens, stating that it was part of his plan to keep the Heroes busy for an hour so their Dial Powers would wear off. After not needing Stevens anymore the Master gave him back to the Dialers in which King was able to give Stevens his H-Dial allowing the heroes, The Shifter & The Purple Haze to be created and easily defeat Aurora.
Aurora  was seemingly killed along with the rest of the villains when Stevens dialed the guise of  Napalm and used his fire powers to destroy the cavern the factory was located in.



 Aurora has the ability to emit light streams into laser beams of powerful energy blasts.  When Venus The Flying Trap used a mirror to deflect one of Aurora's light blasts back at her, the blast had no effect as she stated that she could not be hurt by her own powers.

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