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The Aurakles were a race of immortal bodiless energy beings composed of light where they first of their kind formed before time and the creation of the current universe. At some point, an unknown force arrived that cut the Source asunder with this act creating the universe. In time, the Aurakles began to gather as beings united in purpose where they desired unity and were forbidden to serve any other being. Within this new cosmos, they decided to explore the many diverse worlds all around them and witness how they grew. Thus, they adopted a strict policy of observation as they did not participate in events but instead were focused on the accumulation of knowledge. When an Aurakles gained too much knowledge then they split creating new members of their kind which was how they grew in number as they became asexual beings. For thousands of years, they continued to exist and had no need for names. One member of the race was different from his comrades as he became fixated on organic beings whilst the others scanned the stars of the universe. This individual's fixation led to him eventually wondering what it would be like to be an organic creature and have their feelings. As a result, he began to observe the events of the planet Earth where he was present in the country of Markovia. In this time, he saw the death of a disturbed young woman by the name of Violet Harper who was killed. The Aurakles observing her demise he became drawn to her body where he occupied her reanimated form but became amnesiac in the process where she became the superhero Halo.

Halo would eventually be drawn into Batman's Outsiders where she would have no knowledge of her past. Eventually, she would regain her memory and reveal the history of the cosmic entities. Her recalling her past led to Aurakles finding a trail to the body where they attempted to force their errant member from the body by destroying it. They cared not for Violet Harper's body but the errant one of their people as they intended to restore the unity of their race by forcing the renegade to acquiesce to their will. This saw the Outsiders engage the Aurakles where they rigged a trap that killed another one of their people. As a result, the energy beings destroyed the technology and fought the team of superheroes. The resistance saw the Aurakles destroy the space station to force the organic 'shells' into the stars and allowed them the chance to abduct Halo. As a result, the Outsiders dispatched on a mission to rescue her where Katana used the stolen 'soul' of an Aurakle that was within her Soultaker sword to find the place of beginnings where their kind gathered. The heroes managed to defeat the Aurakles who were forced to abandon their plan to restore the unity and returned Halo to the Outsiders back to Earth.


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