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Aurakles was born 42,000 (and counting) years ago. He was re-modeled by a few New gods, to be Earths first superhero.

He stood up against the Sheeda, but couldn`t save his civilization. They imprisoned him.

After an undefined amount of time, he helped the Justice league of America to find the original Seven soldiers of victory, who were lost in time. It happened for sure, in the pre-crisis DCU. It`s not certain if it happened in the post-crisis universe.

He met Shilo Norman twice. In the first time, he released Shilo from Desaads trap. During the second time, Shilo freed Aurakles from the captivity of Darkseid (who had bought him from Sheeda). Then he went off, to wander trough time and space.

He was buried to Mars, after his death ( which hasn`t been seen in any comics).


Created by Len Wein and Dick Dillin.

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