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after reading latest issue of Spider-Man, I couldn't but notice the change May has been through. Did the deal with Mephisto included her being younger for her to stay healthy?

Not so old.
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Some artists draw her young looking like that, I believe she's supposed to be somewhere in her middle seventies - early eighties (though I could be wrong.) There have been artists who have drawn her to look absolutely ancient since OMD too. I think the best reason that making her look so young could be forgiven is that she is a very active old lady, and that can keep you young.

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She's getting married so she's trying to look good for the wedding!!!!

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How old is she anyways, just beacuse she's Pete's aunt dosen't mean she's like his grandmother

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She's a fine looking woman.

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marvel likes all their ladies lookin fine =p

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@Esther Cotillard LeBeau said:
" botox. its a godsend. "

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