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Augie Ford, who first appeared in Dynamo 5 #2, has been an agent of F.L.A.G. for 30 years, and is Warner's ex-partner. His current partner is Nicole Nakamura. Ford has long-harbored a romantic attraction to Warner, feelings which still linger. He first appears in Dynamo 5 #2, in which he pays her a visit to ask her if she is associated with this new team using her late husband's name, but she denies it. Because this visit occurs during a series of rampages by the villain Whiptail, he also tells her that F.L.A.G. is trying to reverse-engineer Whiptail's serum in order to track him by scent. After Warner had been captured by Chrysalis and Synergy, and four members of Dynamo 5 had been captured by F.L.A.G., Augie encountered Slingshot at Warner's apartment, at which point he learned the truth of Warner's involvement with the team. Ford proposed to help Slingshot free her siblings by having her pose as a fellow F.L.A.G. agent when returning to F.L.A.G. headquarters, but when they encountered Ford's superior Sandy, Ford turned Slingshot in. In Dynamo 5 #7, He then knocked his superior, Sandy, unconscious, and helped Slingshot free her siblings, later telling Sandy that the man who attacked him must have been a disguised Myriad. Ford has continued to aid the team when possible, as when he contacted the Noble Family after Dynamo 5 rescued Warner from a hostage situation, during which she had fallen into a comatose state. He served in Warner's place as the team's tactical eyes and ears until she came out of this state.  

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