Attuma more worthy than ever

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 He's been Namor's number 1 foe for decades and it seems that the warrior known as, Attuma seems to keep bouncing back at the worse times.  Attuma was born as a member of a tribe of barbaric Atlanteans, who were banished from Atlantis ages ago. For unknown reasons Attuma was born with strength, endurance, and speed far superior to those of any normal Atlantean. Attuma quickly became leader of his tribe and declared that he would conquer the city of Atlantis as an ancient prophecy predicted. Attuma had a daughter, Andromeda by his wife Gelva, but was disappointed that his only child was female. He wanted a male child to be his heir and ignored Andromeda, who would join the army of Atlantis. Attuma returned to his barbarian hordes and would make other attempts to conquer Atlantis and the surface world, but without any success. One such attempt would come after Attuma allied his Barbarian hordes with the forces of the futuristic conqueror Kang. His armies would pick Canada as their point of invasion; however they would be turned back by the superhero group, the Avengers.

Attuma attacked New York City with an undersea horde once again. He was confronted by the Sentry, but before Attuma could finish boasting of his plans, he was apparently beheaded by the Sentry.  During the  Dark Reign  storyline, Attuma is revived by Victor Von Doom (who manages to reattach Attuma's head to his body) and Attuma is offered a new chance of power in the vow of destroying Namor once and for all.  During the  Fear Itself  storyline, one of the seven Hammers of the Worthy lands near Attuma. He is able to lift it and becomes Nerkodd: Breaker of Oceans.

  Unlike the other Worthy, Nerkodd and Attuma seem to have blended personas and their first targets are destroying the original Defenders, Namor, Dr. Strange and the Silver Surfer and flooding Atlantis and seeking revenge on Marrina. Though, one could argue that Attuma seems to be leading the charge more than Nerkodd.

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I know he's supposed to be the bad guy, but I kind of feel sorry for Attuma, he's beaten not by Namor's greater strength and intelligence, but by his own inbred arrogance and male chauvinism. but for all his faults, he refuses to give up, so at least he's got the persistance to make up for his incompetance. Even if the only reasons are because he read some prophecy that says it'll happen and his ego keeps telling him that it's 100% true! Attuma is brutal, overconfidant and self-important, but that just seems to make him his OWN worst enemy. Like Dr. Doom he might very well prove to conquer even the strongest of enemies. But once he gets it into his head that he's unbeatable, it's game over. that's why it's almost nice to see him doing so well. Even if he had to get his head re-attached by Dr. Doom and be granted magical powers for it to happen.

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