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Atremus Nicodemus Rottwell is the Great-great-grandfather of Dr. Rottwell. It is rumored that when Atremus came to America all he had a was a rust shoe knife and a evil gleam in his eye. He has been kept alive longer then a normal human should be. Dr Rottwell has replaced Atremus's heart with a machine, and Atremus has become a drooling shell of a man.


Atremus Rottwell was created by Cullen Bunn for his run on Wolverine.

Major Story Arcs


For more information see: Rot

Dr. Rottwell has been using Wolverine as his personal killing machine, and when Wolverine finally tracks the Doctor back to his estate, Wolverine is paralyzed and held hostage. This is where Dr. Rottwell introduces Atremus to Wolverine as his Great-great-grandfather and the influence of his life and career. Atremus doesn't say anything, he just sits drooling in his chair.

Later when Wolverine, thinks he is escaping (it turns out to be all in his head, a trick of Dr. Rottwell) Wolverine finds Dr. Rottwell, Mrs. Rottwell and Atremus all in a hallway. All three are wearing creepy masks and Dr. Rottwell is tell the other two about his new God Brain Machine. Wolverine kills all three and hears Melita Garner scream. Again this is all in Logan's mind and Atremus is still alive.

Later, Atremus, Dr. Rottwell and Tater's corpse watch as Rottwell extended family kills some FBI agents who try to storm the Rottwell Estate. Dr. Rottwell believes everything to be going as planned and leaves Atremus to continue his work, but Logan comes back to the Estate. He kills Atremus and then goes after the Doctor.

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