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Atoma is a superherione who's only appearance was in issue 15 of the Joe Palooka comic.
In the issue, juniour chemist Dusty Rhodes, from Anytown, USA, is teleported to the future when he mixing chemicals in his basement. Joe looks around to find the hero Atoma, who tells Dusty he accidently discovered the time element is in the year 2446, and he is now in the year 2446. Atoma then puts Dusty on her back, and shows him the future Anytown. As they are observing, they are then attacked by a giant robot, who Dusty defeats with a slingshot. They meet Arton, another flying person. He was presented at least as a future rival to Atoma. The last quote from Atoma is "It's not fair Dusty!! Though you may think this is a perfect place it is from it. Some of us just live like slaves and the governor is no better than your Hitler was. There's lots we must do, be must tell about it another time!!

Dusty Rhodes meeting ATOMA the historian

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