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Atoli is a cheerful Harvest Cleric that enjoys the beauty of the World R:2. She is intially a member of the Moon Tree Guild and strives to stop the actions of PKers and PKKers as she views them both alike. Atoli worships one of the captains of Moon Tree, Sakaki. Conflict finds Atoli after being saved by the legendary PKKer, Haseo The Terror of Death. She feels indebted to Haseo and is intent to learn more about him much to Sakaki annoyance. Unfortunately Atoli is shunned by Haseo just before he follows a lead on his primary objective in the World which is to find Tri-Edge. Atoli is unaware that her character design resembles that of Haseo's close friend Shino, who fell into a coma due to events of the world.

Second Encounter

Atoli is next met after Haseo is Data Drained by Azure Kite the alledged Tri-Edge. Haseo is more open as he has joined the noob guild of Canard which a cover while acting as an Epitaph User of G.U. Atoli strives to reach out to Haseo. She alone sees that he is hurting inside where others see him as cold lone rebel taking on the World's problems on his own. Atoli goes so far as to join Canard to be closer to Haseo and also anger Sakaki even more. Atoli follows along with Haseo to several battlefields as he strives to get stronger. Atoli is glad of her progress with Haseo and builds the courage to invite him to one of her favorite battefields. Atoli goes on about the beauty of the world and shares more about herself. This is also where Atoli begins to discover she can hear the anomalies of the world like AIDA. This leads Haseo and Atoli to a Lost Ground. Here the two encounter the at time champion of the Demon Palace, Endrance with his cat MIA. It is an odd encounter with AIDA seeming to resonate around Endrance and his cat. Endrance took his leave just as Kuhn arrived to investigate the appearance of AIDA. The next outing with Atoli and Haseo is much different.She is unaware Haseo now needs her healing capabilities to participate the Arena. Atoli continues on preaching Sakaki beliefs of peace and harmony along with her own sense of enjoying the world as an actual place. This enrages Haseo is all about power and defeating players that are real. Atoli's feeling are hurt as Haseo wants her out of his life. It is awhile before the two cross paths again.

Arena Tournament

Time passes with Haseo and Silabus still without a decent third member as their mutual friend Gaspard feels he isn't that much of a competitor and is all around useless. This is when Atoli decides to give another try and offers her aid to Haseo and Silabus.The trio train alot in battlefields and climb their way up through the ranks of the Demon Palace. Atoli ends up liking the battles as she had never really been on a winning team. She reveals being a sort of wallflower of poor background in the real world. She has no friends and is shunned by her parents from time to time. The world is revealed as a retreat for Atoli where she has Sakaki to compliment her actions and praise the little things she able to do. Atoli is with Silabus and Haseo upon watching Endrance in action. Where others needed a three man team. Endrance stood alone always and delivered a manuever to strike down all in one move. Haseo at the time was the only one to realize Endrance was an Epitaph User. Atoli reveals later the separate factions of Moon Tree are loyal to that of Sakaki and Zelkova,the Guild Leader. Haseo was sure to let Yata, leader of G.U know about the bizarre situation. Afterwards Atoli with Haseo and Silabus face Alkaid the former Emperor trying to regain her throne. This was a grueling battle with Alkaid proving Haseo's superior using her Twin Blades. This is when Atoli bared witness to Haseo's truth. She was able to see Haseo transform into his avatar,Skeith. Kuhn also found this interesting as the only one that can see avatars are the Epitaph Users. Alkaid was defeated and Haseo finally had the power of Skeith at his beackoning. The Terror of Death strikes again and lashes out at Atoli about her conflicted friendships with him and Moon Tree. She decided not to participate in the final round.The fight with Endrance was soon to follow with Atoli and Kuhn the only ones in the crowd able to watch the true battle. Haseo was victorious leaving Endrance ashamed to retreat back to his Lost Ground as he is now without the AIDA infected MIA.


Atoli felt more distant from Haseo now. She couldnt understand as he kept switching his actions from acceptance to annoyance. That is until Ovan contacted Atoli during the celebration of Haseo becoming emperor of the Demon Palace. Ovan let Atoli know about Shino and Haseo's grudge with Azure Kite. Atoli receives information to help Haseo. She dissappears intending to find Tri-Edges location for Haseo's full acceptance as her and not that of a character resembling Shino. The others get wind of Atoli's plan. She was informed that Azure Kite was linked to AIDA. Atoli was giving access to a 'backdoor' location of the world where AIDA was being kept locked away. Haseo and the others came to stop her. Atoli was intent to bring forth Tri-Edge unaware Haseo had managed to defeat Azure Kite. AIDA was unleashed and ravaged Atoli without mercy. The others could only watch as hands of darkness tore into her character's data. Atoli would have been a Lost One if not for Kuhn's ability of Propagations to mend and alter data. It also helped that Atoli herself was an Epitaph User. Unfortunately Atoli still had traces of AIDA within her system. This left a stigma on her right hand appearing as cracks of glowing light and took away her ability to communicate. Everyone was also terrified when Atoli sent a private message revealing she couldnt talk in the real world or move her right hand.

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