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Basically, nothing is known about Sean Welch aka Atlas. He was recruited by Battlestone and Kayo some time after they recruited Seahawk and Coldsnap, as they were building a group of costumed superhumans to rival Youngblood. This group was called Brigade, and started establishing a bit of a reputation.

Their second documented case saw them pitted against a powerful extraterrestrial warrior called Genocide, who wanted to see if their power challenged his. Brigade ended up on Genocide’s home planet (called D’vor), struggling against his troops and the local powers that be and allying with some local superhumans. Eventually, Brigade clashed with Genocide again in a fight to the finish, and a blast from the villain, intended to kill the invulnerable Battlestone, ended up striking Atlas straight through the chest, killing him in instants.

Though Atlas died early and needlessly, Battlestone wanted to ensure that his death would not be in vain, but that never really worked out, as Brigade’s career as a group was pretty much catastrophic and mired in failure. Though they won most of their battles, the group never amounted to much.


He may have been British (or Irish, or Australian…), and generally seemed to be a reasonable and level-headed fellow.

Real name: Sean Welch

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: None

Group affiliation: Brigade

Base Of Operations: Brigade HQ in Malibu, CA

Height: Variable Weight: Variable

Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown

Powers and Abilities

Atlas can increase his size and physical strength at will. Secondary sources mention that growing to the largest sizes diminish his agility and speed, but no such effect was actually evident - it was textbook Growth. As often with Growth character, Atlas’s size was difficult to determine, but he could make his hands much larger than a person or grow tall enough to reach the mid- to upper floors of a high-rise building.

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