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Atlas Series Maximum Assault Constructs were gigantic bipedal roughly humanoid robotic machines created by the ancient Kherubim. These were made to be highly resilient to the point that they repaired themselves from material in their environment and able to devastate entire settlements with pure physical strength. Despite this being the case, they were operated by a command directive achieved through a signal sent from a specified piece of equipment. Such automatons were installed within the Planet Shaper Engines that were dispatched through space. After rooting themselves on a new world, the Engine would bring about the emergence of pure Kheran genestock and deployed the Atlas war machines to pacify the native population in order to ensure the survival of the Kherubim. Thus, they aided in the emergence of the Kheran colonists and turned any native race into a servitor species. Such a process occurred on the planet Khera where Atlas Series Constructs were activated to cull the Titanothrope population. In time, these gigantic constructs were considered old relics and only present within war museums.

In the modern age on Earth, the Planet Shaper on the world had become dormant but the growing presence of Kheran technology such as from Halo Corporation or Quickthink Inc led to an Atlas Construct being activated. It began the process of devastating the city only for Mister Majestic to arrive at the scene who ultimately managed to defeat the automaton. This led to the discovery of the dormant Planet Shaper Engine on Earth and a video recall performed from its databanks that showed Majestros, Zealot and Helspont of the Kherubim's origins. It also showed Atlas Series Constructs being used to decimate the Titanothrope race in the taming of Khera.

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