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Athyns was an alien of the planet Karakann whose life was blessed by Rhea, daughter of Gaia and Uranus and so on, one of the first god known as Titans of Myth. Rhea, exiled with the others titans by Zeus in far Planet Minosyss, discovered what the Titans was doomed to disappear. So, she seeded 12 children all over the universe in order to create a new race of Titans. Unfortunately, she died doing this.

In fact, she saved the life of a young child of Karakann and brought him in New Chronus, a moon of Minosyss were the Titans of Myth live. The baby was re-named Athyns (after the city of Greece), was trained with the other titans seeds (among them are Donna Troy) and obtain divine powers. He also fell in love with another seed, Sparta. His training complete, he was brainwashed and brought back in his home planet (like the others 11 seeds). Unfortunately, Sparta brainwashing drove her silly and she decided to kill the other seeds and absorb their power.

The last seeds (The New Titans 50-54)

The titan of the Moon, the Goddess Phoebe search to protect the remaining seeds and, so, come to earth and meet Donna Troy and the Teen Titans. Despites the Death of Phoebe, the Teen Titans meet Athyns who was become totally mad because of the destruction of his home planet by Sparta and her army. It needs the final sacrifice of another Titan seed, Xanthi to bring back Athyns to reason. Sparta also recovered reason and her and her troops became the army of new Cronus and his inhabitants. Athyns preferred to became the protector of the native planet of Xanthi, the one who reveal him the truth.

The battle for Minonyss (The Return of Donna Troy 1-4)

Some years later, Sparta was killing in a battle on the planet Minossys. She send a telepathic scream and Athyns come to Minossys. There, he finds Donna Troy ( who was resurrected by the Titans after she was killing by a rogue android superman). However, Donna was bewitched by the others Titans and she attack Athyns. He succeeds to capture her and send a travel sphere to earth in order to send the teen titans he knows. So, some Teen Titans arrived on Minosyss and was astonished to find a Donna troy empty of berserk violence. This one have her memories transformed by Creus and Mnemosyne and so, was drove insane. It’s only after a huge fight between Donna and the others that she understood the Titans of Myth manipulated her.

But, the titans refused to give up, needed a sun-eater, a powerful weapon hidden in Minosyss. Athyns, the Teen Titans and the inhabitants of the planet engaged a pitched battle with them and their army. The heroes were nearly defeated but Donna troy succeeded to trick the Gods and all of them were moved away from the planet. So, the earthmen and earth women came back and Athyns accepted to became the leader of the people of Minosyss. As we known, he is always on this planet.

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